Learn from acknowledged masters of ancient wisdom traditions how to invite spiritual abundance into your life by identifying and removing the blockages that limit you. 

Join  Itzhak Beery, the publisher of ShamanPortal.org and an internationally recognized shamanic teacher and healer, for the live, interactive video course, "The Shamanic Path to Spiritual Abundance: Indigenous Techniques for Entering the Flow of Life." For this Evolver Intensives course, Itzhak will be joined by six leading elders who will share secret practices for ushering in abundance from a variety of international indigenous traditions: Sandra Ingerman, John Perkins, Marti Spiegelman, Christina Pratt, John Lockley, and Lewis Mehl-Madrona.

Spiritual abundance is not to be confused with material riches. It is far more precious. Every shamanic tradition has time-tested techniques for removing the blocks that prevent you from connecting with the flow of life. Our fears, which come from negative experiences, convince us that we are not capable, that we're inadequate or undeserving. We deny ourselves, often without even realizing it. Rather than allowing the universe to flow through us, so we can receive the many opportunities it makes available, we stay stuck within our familiar limitations. 

  • What are the energies we carry that keep us from spiritual fulfillment?
  • Can we identify and clear them?
  • How can we summon our spiritual allies for help?
  • Which of the many ancient shamanic techniques for attracting abundance are most relevant today?
Where do these obstacles come from? They originate from fear, guilt, energy attacks sent by others, or from negative beliefs and judgment. How can you best address the feeling that you are not deserving? Do these feelings come from an inner wish to not take on responsibilities? Or could they be rooted in ancestral patterns, or a sense of scarcity, that was instilled in you since birth?

In this course you will learn tools and methods to remove those blockages, including: energy extraction, soul retrieval, blessings, prayers, shamanic journeys, and more. You will be able to tap into the flow of the universal energy of giving and receiving, and learn to deepen your connection to life's energizing flow. Best of all, you will gain a new perspective on your life, and how to say "yes" to the abundant opportunities that greet you daily.

  • Discover the shamanic "universal laws of prosperity" and how to put them to work for you.
  • Learn how to identify what resonates within your soul so you can live a life of abundance and fulfillment.
  • Realize the truth of what abundance means for you, personally, and how to attract it.
  • Encounter ancient techniques for shamanic journeying into the spirit realm.
  • Learn how to remove the specific blocks that keep you from inviting success, peace, and tranquility into your life.
This course takes place on 6 Saturdays between January 12 and February 16, and you can participate from your laptop anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can take part in this course