Evolver Convergences: Collective Cooperation – Wednesday, January 16

As the weight of a prophetic Mayan calendar, the US presidential election, and the pummeling of Superstorm Sandy fall behind us, we can learn and adapt from the lessons of the previous year while forging new paths and paradigms for tomorrow. With the immense challenges facing our planet, The Evolver Network is ushering in 2013 with a network-wide call to action, bringing all fellow change-agents together for citywide convergences across our international community. 

Our 50 Spore groups will host events and initiatives to connect and collaborate with the diverse transformational tribes who are trailblazing the new planetary culture – from the permaculture educators to complimentary currency advocates, Transition pioneers to Occupy idealogists, healing centers to reskilling educators, MAPs chapters to digital democracy freedom fighters, MedMob activists to alternative energy renegades. These networking events will put a specific focus on how we can cooperate collectively to forge meaningful, tangible change in our rapidly evolving world.