[Action Alert] • Please take a moment to oppose hydrofracking in New York State by signing this petition: http://artistsagainstfracking.com/take-action/

Without a significant show of public opposition, Governor Cuomo will

lift the moratorium against hydrofracking in NY in three weeks, and
industry is ready to move in immediately once he does. The most
horrible aspect of fracking is that the drilling permanently
contaminates the fresh water reserves that we rely on for our future
health and well-being in order to produce a short-term one-time-only
burst of natural gas production. The process also releases various
despicable poison gasses, including methane, that accelerate climate

Sean Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono launched this website:

http://www.artistsagainstfracking.com/home.html On the bottom of the
Artists Against Fracking page, you can click to send an email to
Cuomo. So far, they have inspired 200,000 people to petition the NY
government to ban this practice. We ask that everyone who reads this –
whether they are New Yorkers or not – take a moment to send an email
to Cuomo, and also post about it themselves on Facebook, Twitter, etc,
so others in their networks will do it as well.

Of course, beyond this issue looms the larger problems of peak oil and

climate change. There are many solution-based initiatives that need to
happen, including home insulation to conserve energy, a shift to
renewable energy sources, and even a movement to paint rooftops white
which will reduce energy consumption. Still, with the current NY
deadline for fracking only three weeks away, it is definitely time to
act now on this issue, as the permanent contamination of NY fresh
water reserves is not an option we can allow. Civil disobedience will
be the next line of defense if Cuomo refuses to extend this

Image by ejmc, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.