A selection of the best articles on relationships:

Transcending Possessiveness in Love and Music
By Michael Garfield 
Consider polyamory side by side with copyright law. They are both symptoms of a deep struggle that we as individuals and as a society are having with the concept of ownership.

Polyamory: Label or Process?
By Sunny Strasburg
What does the label "polyamory" mean? Literally, many loves. To truly be free to love requires a deep trust in the resonance within oneself, and the discernment to recognize and honor that quality in others.


Just What Is Love, Anyway?
By Richard Smoley
Romantic, unrequited, codependent or familial – it's all love. But why do we believe one thing about love with one corner of the mind and something very different with another?


Sustainable Love
By Joan of Art
If we as a species cannot achieve sustainable love, then I don’t want to be on this planet: trees or no trees, ice-caps or no ice-caps. There’s a lot of work to do right now. A huge part of that work involves re-learning how to love each other on romantic and sexual terms of our own choosing.


Character and the Enneagram: The Yoga of Relationship
By Douglas Rosestone and Olivia Rosestone
At various times in our history, oracular, archetypal systems such as the Tarot, Astrology, the I Ching, and Norse Runes have emerged out of various cultures. Within the last forty years, the discovery of a different group of archetypes has emerged — the nine archetypal character styles of the Enneagram. 


The Goddess as Active Listener
By Brian George
The more romantic among us are used to thinking that there may be one true soul mate for each person. It is less common to imagine that friends or teachers may also play their parts in this apparent drama of predestination. Each student of a good teacher might well view the meeting as a one of a kind event.


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