Frank Jacob is an internationally active film maker, producer and composer. His newest project, which he directed, co produced and edited, is the feature documentary, Solar Revolution, which deals with the mental and physical advancement of humanity as it relates to solar activity. The film released just this past November, and is based on the book, Solar Revolution: Why Mankind Is on the Cusp of an Evolutionary Leap, written by renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers, and published by Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books.

In Solar Revolution, Dieter Broers makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific research that suggests an astounding correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental and spiritual abilities.  Dieter claims that we are in the midst of a dramatic rise of solar “disturbances,” which have the capability of disrupting the earth’s geomagnetic field and, as a result, our global consciousness. 

Dr. Broers sees this, however, not as an impending apocalypse, but rather the dawn of a new era. Today we will be talking about what kind of “dawning” this really is.  

Many deem astrology myth and folklore.  Now, I don’t necessarily believe that Libras will all find their love on March 17th or Cancers will get a new job with the new moon, but there are certain aspects of the field that I feel are indisputable.  

If you think about the moon and how if affects our earth, our tides, and oceans, consider the effects of the sun as well. It is the sole source of the Earth’s energy, what sustains life on this planet, and one of the major reasons for our existence.  If you recognize that the moon controls the flow of 75% of our planet, then you have to open your eyes and consider the possible outcomes of solar activity and what it means to the beings that inhabit this planet we call home.  

Think about the word Horoscope. Horace, the sun God! Think about the movement of all of these planetary bodies and how they relate, which creates the energetic construct with which our consciousness reacts to. It plays right into what we’re going to be talking about with Solar Revolution.  

FV: This film is not about the conventional “solar power.” This film is about a revolution.  Please give us a little background of the solar activity that we’ll be discussing today. 

Frank: Sure. No, we are not talking about solar panels or cells in this film.  We are talking about the sun, and the solar and planetary activity that we are and will be experiencing in the future, and highlighting the revolutionary nature of these universal changes.   In our film, we’ve carefully documented what kind of effects and changes this solar activity might have, not just in regards to the power grids and the electro magnetic fields, but also our consciousness as a species.  

For those who haven’t seen the film, the sun is alive; it’s living its own, extremely long life, and it’s not just putting out heat and light. It’s putting out energy, through these colossal flares.  Can you elaborate on that concept for us Frank? 

Definitely. The sun routinely goes through activity cycles, which generally appear as what many call “sun spot” activity, which is associated with solar flares.  These flares are essentially giant plasma clouds that spit electromagnetic and geomagnetic radiation out at hundreds of thousands of miles per second.  This radiation generally goes away, or can be diverted away from the earth via our wonderful magnetic field.  

So generally, this type of radiation is deflected or absorbed by our magnetic field.  But when it doesn’t, which is a major part of what this film is about, then what does that mean for earth and everything on it? 

One thing we try to distinguish in our film is that it is not just a case of magnetic energy. I’ve often heard people use the example of, “Hey, if you stick a magnet to your head, do you experience any change in conscience?” There is a common misinterpretation of this idea, that is, “What exactly does it mean to be hit by magnetic energy?”  Think of the earth surrounded by a grid of magnetic lines forming a sort of drum skin almost. Pulses from the sun slam into these lines or strings, and they begin to vibrate.  With normal solar activity, these vibrations don’t have any particularly profound effect.  But when you have really powerful solar activity, the pulses that come at us can really shake up this magnetic field, and can cause some pretty dramatic changes to us and our planet.  This is what research tells us, and what we are suggesting in the film.

It’s not just that this field is vibrating, it’s resonating. That is the key word here: resonance.  You may have heard that word in association with meditation, yoga and music. What we’re suggesting is that these magnetic strings surrounding our earth have a specific “sweet spot,” you could call it, which triggers resonance at around 8 to 12 htz. Coincidentally, this is the same window that our minds or consciousness reach peak resonance. Physics will tell you that when two objects are resonating at the same frequency, there is an exchange of information, which is so fascinating to think about. Forget the knowledge of mankind – we have access to the fractal resonance or information of the entire universe.

Wow, that’s unbelievable. The research is fascinating, but why did you make this film in 2012?  What is relevant about this subject matter today?   

We were approached by Dieter Broers, who was in the middle of publishing the book that the documentary is adapted from.  He was motivated to make this film because he had observed Hollywood ramping up this idea of a so-called “doomsday.” With that exploitation came a lot of panic and fear that was being promoted in the media based around the date of December 21, 2012.  So he, being the brilliant mind that he is, was eager to provide people with a scientific perspective on this end of the world craze.  He did focus his attentions on this date and the Mayan calendar, but the film explores much broader and more impactful themes than the paranoia that was being fueled by mainstream entertainment mediums.  But the film does take into account why this date had so much significance, which we’ve found through Dieter’s research and the filmmaking process.

That’s a great place to start because, obviously, this date has passed, and, to the majority of the people, there was no tangible “end” or changes that would suggest anything of that nature.  

We all knew that this would be an interesting time because so many people have been lead to believe that something momentous is going to happen.  This is another reason why we wanted to make sure that people understood that although the 21st is a date which may or may not signal the end or a beginning to an end, the Mayans did not go off of a Gregorian calendar the way we do.  They had an immense knowledge of a particular alignment in the universe with “astro-bodies.”  This knowledge has propelled astrology for thousands of years, and they were the first to truly recognize that every day is unique in relation to the shape and movement of the universe.  

Now, when this long calendar ended, it ended in the same way that your calendar ends on the 31st of December. The next day is January 1st, you know, Happy New Year!  But I like to look at it like this:  everyone recognizes that summer begins on June 21st, the summer solstice.  When that day comes, it’s summer. Everything is warm and it’s time to go outside and vacation, right? Not really.

It could be warmer before or after.  The 19th may be hotter than the solstice. Basically, you have a date that we’ve centered around a time that’s aligned cosmologically based on the position of the earth relative to the sun.  Now, if you look at the date of the 21st in a similar fashion, this date only triggers a point.  What happens before or after has already begun.  This shift in consciousness is already happening, and will continue to happen in the future.  It is a phase, or you can look at it as a path. The 21st was one point along that path.  There is an awakening all over the planet that is undeniable.  You could say that the Mayan calendar marqueed that.  Did it mean the end of the world? I don’t think so. And even if it did, the end of something is only the beginning of something else.  

Frank, some of the scientists featured in the film have said things about this event, like, “There is a great transit happening,” “There will be microstructural changes to our minds,” and “There will be a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness.” What do these theories, whether separate or collectively, mean to us as a species? 

If we’re talking about why these times are, as many have deemed them, “apocalyptic,” we should go back to the magnetic field that encompasses our planet.  Dieter’s research has shown us that this field is moving.  This could mean a multitude of different things.  Some say that a polar shift is imminent, but no one truly knows how this is happening or what it means to us as a species.  There is a lot of confusion between a magnetic and geomagnetic pole. One is fixed around the axis of the earth’s rotation and another is relative to the fluctuation of these magnetic bands we’ve been talking about, which have actually begun to wander.  This movement has been exponentially increasing over the past few centuries, but in the last couple of decades, this movement has had a dramatic exponential increase. We now think that the bands have been moving 50-60 miles per year away from what was its present location.  

We’ve also seen that this field has been getting increasingly weaker over the past 2000 years.  In the last 20 years, there’s been a drastic decrease in its protective power.  You could say that with a weak magnetic field surrounding the earth, these gamma rays and plasma particles will be seeping in through this field at a much higher volume – what we call radio waves.  This is one of the reasons why Michael Persinger highlights micro-structural changes in the brain. Essentially, these radio waves play a vital part in this event because these waves have a strong impact on certain glands in our body, one in particular being the pineal gland.  Aside from just being a regulatory organ or part of the brain, this gland is the main source of producing psychotropic substances in our body, chemicals that regulate our dream cycles and influence our ability to have a vivid consciousness, like melatonin or seretonin.  Spiritually, this gland has been looked at as the, “third eye.” Many mysticists, and even the Vatican, use this visual metaphor of a pine cone.  A wide array of spiritual schools of thought attribute this gland as being the center for our evolution in both consciousness and spirituality.  

This frequency that is coming at us from the cosmos, and now getting through to us at an increasing rate, is what we must look at.  Scientists believe that a frequency of 150 mghz has been known to induce psychotropic states of consciousness.  Dr. Persinger is very relevant to this subject because he developed what is known as the “God helmet,” which allowed him to mimic the effects of psychotropic drugs through very weak magnetic fields aimed at specific components of the human brain. He has been able to document these fluctuating resonances which are hitting our brain and inducing altered states of consciousness.  In his opinion, it is only a matter of time before we are hit with a frequency which can actually, en masse, create a dramatic shift in our consciousness that will alter the microstructure of our brain cells.  

In the film, Dieter highlights the concept that abilities which seem extraordinary or supernatural, like telepathy, extra-sensory perception, and “off the charts intelligence,” may soon become ordinary and natural, and could be the key to solving the mounting global crises that we are faced with today.  Really!? 

Yep. Sounds pretty fun right? 

It most certainly does.  

Let me try to get into some of the mechanics behind this theory. When you hear about this, you have to ask, “How in God’s name is that possible?” How could we truly experience a sudden shift in consciousness that could be activated so abruptly? The key here comes back to the pineal gland.  

Many say that the gland, along with melatonin and serotonin, secretes an extremely powerful and potent psychotropic substance known as dimethyltrytamine.  We devote a part of the film to research on this topic conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman.  The only way he was able to duplicate this increase in DMT in his patients was through injection.  This substance affected his focus group of 15 patients for about 5-15 minutes, because it is digested and exhausted very quickly. In this short time frame,  the people involved in the study group lost complete sense of time.  Many felt as though they had been gone for what seemed like thousands of years.  He recorded the recounting of the experience from his patients and the majority of them mirrored each other, describing a kind of journey or exhibition of the cosmos.  These patients all suggested an interaction with what they called, “beings,” “entities,” “guides,” with which they had a information exchange.  This type of interaction with this new plain of perception was so deep and profound that they had drastic changes in their consciousness.

What we’re suggesting is that if we are going to be experiencing these elevated levels of radio waves, then it is not inconceivable for some of us, if not all of us, to have sudden bursts of perception which we are definitely not accustomed to.  This was the major reason why I was so intrigued by Dieter’s work, and why I wanted to help him in making this film.  I think that if you have seen the research and are cognizant of this possibility, it is only responsible to at least put this theory out there. If people are open to the concept, they can make preparations.  We aren’t hearing this from any form of media. We are only being told that our cell phones may stop working and to me, that is a bit irresponsible.  

Aside from all the fear tactics like electricity going out, giant tidal waves, and balls of fire, the movie highlights the idea of spiritual optimism, in which we’ll realize that whatever happens to the physical world,  we will be in a new state, and will be tuned to embrace whatever changes may come.  Can you elaborate on the concept a little? 

Absolutely.  Many feel we need to experience one of these crippling blows to our planet and lose access to the lives that we once lived. Maybe it will take something of that proportion that will allow us to look at each other as human beings and our planet and realize that we need to behave like brothers and sisters instead of isolated islands in front of Facebook. Maybe we’ll be forced to tap into our spiritual potential and get away from the things that are making us so unproductively complacent in this world.   

Frank, I ‘d like to conclude this wonderful interview with one of my favorite parts from the film.  There is a Margaret Mead quote in Solar Revolution, which says that “it only takes a few good people with a vision to change the model of what we believe.” 

Do yourself a favor and check out the film, and please, be open to its message.  Do not get hung up on bits of information that you may or may not believe or be able to conceive of, but rather, be tuned to what it’s trying to teach us. Prepare and be open to change.  Be honest with yourself, and look at the state of our planet and species.  There is a shift that is coming.  Whether or not it was on December 21, it will come, and when it does, embrace it.  

You can view the film right here on Reality Sandwich, below.  You can also get the film at, the amazing digital distribution company that is helping content like Solar Revolution reach audiences online and through social media.  


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Solar (R)evolution

Does the sun have the power to transform humankind?

In Solar (R)evolution, world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities.

We are in the midst of a dramatic rise in solar disturbances, which have the capability of disrupting the Earth’s geomagnetic field and, as a result, our global ecology. Broers, however, sees this not as an impending apocalypse but as the dawn of a new era.

Drawing on research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost our brain capacity and expand our minds in ways we never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatural—telepathy, extrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients—may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing.

Humankind is going through an evolutionary leap, says Broers, and the process has already begun.