Presented by Evolver NYC, this installment of the Future of Love: From Sex to Superconsciousness, takes the form of an evening symposium dedicated to opening and revealing, relieving and holding the tension of pleasure in the sacred and profane. Previously in this series we’ve discovered approaches and practices which restore the unity of opposites and dissolve boundaries between Self and Other to realize divine love and non-duality.

On February 16, along with sexologists, artists, tantrickas, philosophers, dommes, healers & other cutting-edge leaders in the fields of sex and psychedelics we will investigate radical love and how all manner of sex and relationships can shape culture and perception.

? Karley “Slutever” Sciortino
? Daniel Pinchbeck
? Labanna Babalon
? Annie Lalla
? Richard Anton Diaz & Lisa Carillo
? Mark Gunnery
? Alokananda
? Patricia Johnson & Mark Michaels
? Anna Salerno & Jonathan Talat Phillips

Tonal Accompaniment by Ben Bromley (NewVillager)
Opening Meditation by Susie Simpson
Closing Ceremonies by Lucid Harrington

Saturday, February 16th
Doors: 6:30
Performances, Talks, Workshops & Discussions ’til 12AM
After-party 1 – 4AM (Details TBA)
Tickets: $20

Body Actualized Center
143 Troutman St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206
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