Save Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture through crowdfunding

Only EIGHT HOURS to go in our flexible crowdfunding campaign. It is now your chance to help save our international journal of electronic dance music culture, Dancecult. Over the past weeks we’ve been impressed by the gracious contributions of many who’ve donated event tickets, books, DVDs and other materials for our cause as perks, and buoyed by our supporters who’ve been buying the perks and donating much needed funds.

In May, it will be harvest time at Dancecult as we publish our seventh edition, packed with articles and experimental pieces exemplifying contemporary techniques in the research arts of EDM and provided for you in PDF and HTML available free to any user. If you are unfamiliar with Dancecult, I encourage you to poke around at Right now, we’re counting on our supporters in the EDM research community. By supporters, I mean anyone who has downloaded or read an article at the journal and who has had their work published in our professional peer-reviewed venue over its six editions. To this point, Dancecult is open access, and has no subscription fees, nor requires authors to “pay to play”, a strategy common to other open access journals. All of the publicly and privately funded scholarship at Dancecult is freely accessible to any user.

We have got great perks, and materials continue to arrive. Some of the new perks include discounted coupons for upcoming Evolver Intensives courses
offered over the next six months. Dancecult is offering an Evolver Intensives course of your choice for $50 (retail $129). ONLY TWO LEFT

Perks start at $10, but you can choose to donate as much (or as little) as you like. All supporters will be honoured in the afterparty on

Find all the details and perks at the Save Dancecult campaign:

Graham St John
Executive Editor
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture