I can't believe I am writing this.  Admitting I use a psychic, well at least to my family, would conjure looks of disdain followed by rhetorical questions intended to humiliate: Why would you give up your power to someone else?  How can some else know better than you?  Why do you want to know your future?  How do you know if they are telling you the truth?  

While I would argue on the same side as they, the fact that you can ask someone else about any number of things — will a potential business partner be trustworthy, a job worth taking, a move advisable, how to handle a difficult relationship, why is this happening to me — and get an accurate answer is truly incredible. It's so hard to believe that I have made the challenge, "Aren't you just reading my mind or how I feel, not what's really true beyond my knowing?"

Kallista, a remarkable psychic, says she does not read your mind or just pick up your thoughts.  She said if readings worked that way, they would be useless to people. She says she reads the truth as it pertains to each individual.  Once she told me that going on a trip would be highly beneficial, while she told a close friend that going on the exact same trip would not be a wise choice for her.  Thus she was not reading the trip, but the value of the trip for the person who asked.

I imagine everyone at some point experiences unbearable anxiety that comes from not knowing what's the best choice to make. The time wasted in weighing the scales can feel criminal.  You can get so stuck in your head that confusion and chaos set in, even depression.  Getting advice from friends, talking to a therapist, meditating, avoidance, all these methods sometimes don't help. At times like these, listening to a good psychic can give much needed perspective and valued advice.  If the answers resonate with you, it alleviates the anxiety and gives you confidence in moving forward. Of course, if the information does not, it takes a leap of faith to follow the advice of the psychic or do the opposite for that matter.

The primary issue is how do you find a good psychic. Unfortunately, it is probably easier to find a psychic who does not give you useful or accurate information than one that does. Like most things, a personal recommendation is best, and like most things, what works for me may not work for you.  This is why it's unfair to blame the recommender, if you don't like what you get.

Not all psychics read the same. Some can give you a deep psychological map that can be useful, others can give specific directives as clear as go right or left, and still others can give you a look into your future, and some can do it all.  I even know a psychic who reads your Akashic Records gaining access to your past lives and their relevance for the now and the future.  How accurate your psychic is, you'll find out soon enough.  If you follow what is suggested, you'll know by the result you get and if you don't follow what is recommended, you'll know by the result you get.  By this track record you can discern if this particular psychic is worth speaking to again.  I recommend writing down everything a psychic says. That way you can check, even a year or more later, their level of accuracy.

Russel Targ, the renowned physicist who did ESP and psychic abilities research at Stanford Research Institute for the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency, said you know a good psychic because they won't ask you a lot of questions. The less information they have the better.  This is why working with someone on the phone can often times lead to more accurate information than in person, where the psychic may be distracted by too much information (the way you look, dress, think, emotionally respond, etc.).  True, some psychics will only see you in person.  It might just be my luck, but those have never been accurate for me.  

Once you select a psychic and make an appointment to meet, by phone or in person, it's good to check how much they charge. Some work by the hour or half hour and others by the minute.  If you are going to meet someone in person they might ask you to bring photographs of people you have questions about, or perhaps an object that belongs to them.  This helps the psychic tune into the person.

The best way to begin an appointment with a psychic is to listen to what they say before asking questions.  Usually a psychic wants to read you before you give any information and that's the most fun and a good way for you to judge your comfort level.  This is the time to be cognizant of how many and what questions they are asking you. After they tell you what they see, then they give you a chance to ask questions.  When you ask make it economic, giving as little information as you can.  When you say a name and the psychic begins to tell you accurate things about the person, even before addressing your questions, you can have confidence in what's coming.  When I ask Kallista for example, what would it be like to work with X, and the first thing she says is "Oh, what a gifted wordsmith" or "Expensive! And full of his own ego," then I know she got the person. Whatever follows will have credibility.

While I highly advise against unraveling the details of your scenario, when a psychic gets it right, it helps if you confirm it. Remember, they are pulling information out of the ether, so a confirmation is appropriate when they hit on something accurately.

What I like about Kallista is that she doesn't waste time being redundant and talking around something, because of course, the meter is running.  It's specific, yet listening carefully is very important.  We can hear the same information differently.  

How accurate can a psychic be?  Once Kallista interrupted herself to say buy a money belt before you take off to Europe. Why, I asked? Will I be robbed? No, she said, but I see you losing your money. With no time to buy a belt before leaving, I made up my mind to buy one when I reached the airport in Paris.  I got to Paris, changed some money and got on a bus (where I fell asleep) and after that, a taxi.  When it came time to pay the taxi, I realized all the money that had been changed was gone!  

There was a time when someone wanted to invest in a film project of mine. On the phone, she sounded like my next best friend.  I used the pendulum and it indicated not to do business with her. It was hard to believe so I checked with Kallista.  I approached it like an experiment: My intuition was to work with this woman. My pendulum gave me a negative reading. What would Kallista say?  She said definitely do not do business with her; she is flaky and a bully.  When I asked why the woman who introduced me to her was doing business with her, she said, "She just wants to make a deal.  She is blind and hungry."  

The potential investor flew me to LA to meet her. I wanted to find out for myself. The woman was everything the psychic and pendulum said, not what I thought. She was flaky and a bully. When the introducer was in a lawsuit with her six months later, I asked why did she go into business with her. She said, "I wanted to make a deal. I was blind and hungry."

Do I always listen to the psychic?  No.  We have free will.  We have desires, our own reasons.  So there are times I choose to do the opposite of what I am advised.  Most of those times I suffer.  

It was people asking me about psychics that prompted me to write this article, which prompted me to do an experiment.  I asked the same question to four psychics on the same day.  Two people said the same thing, though in different ways and from different perspectives, the other two said the opposite and both of them in ways that opposed each other.  A month later I learned that the two who answered the same were correct and the other two were not.  

What do I think is the most self-empowering way to work with a psychic? I like to determine the answers myself before I ask.  After all, the scientist Targ says a good psychic is not reading your mind so I am not afraid I can influence the psychic. I go out of my way to be neutral in presenting my issue.  If I get an answer that is opposite of my own, I am in a bit of a dilemma.  Yet I know from my experience, my hunch is not always right. Kallista believes this is our emotions getting in the way. If the answer I get is the same as my own, or resonates deeply within me, my anxiety is immediately gone and I move forward with conviction. Experience is one's greatest guide toward psychic user success.

What the medium uses to work with is of no concern to me.  Whether it's tarot cards, shells, playing cards, nothing, I don't know or care.  I like that you can talk to someone when it's convenient for you. Often good psychics will speak to you for however short or long is necessary, charging by the minute.  

I've learned Hollywood studio heads use psychics, Wall Street traders do, celebrities and so too, corporate CEOs. So why not me? We all need an objective viewpoint at times.

Kallista is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, and has been so all her life
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Image by The She Creature, courtesy of Creative Commons license.