A selection of the best articles on transformation:

A Gathering of the Tribe
By Charlies Eisenstein
As the multiple crises of money, health, energy, ecology, and more
converge upon us, the world is going to collapse for millions of people.
We must stand ready to welcome them into the tribe. We must stand ready
to welcome them back home.


The End of the Beginning
By Daniel Pinchbeck
Though the mainstream media, predictably, has ridiculed the 2012
doomsday straw man they themselves set up, the classic Maya did
accurately foresee our time as the crux of a planetary transition.  We
are the ones who have arrived at this juncture — and we are the ones
who will decide whether, or how, human civilization will continue.


What the Fuck is This?
By Richard Grossinger
Once upon a time, the universe was sacred and unfathomable by simple
emanation. Humans accepted the operations of nature as the mirror and
counterpart to their own existence. Before quarks and Big Bangs, they
called it Spider Woman and Corn Mother. These are not fables; they are
hard-won intuitions of something before form.


A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler
By Jonathan Zap
An Interdimensional Traveler must have a moral purpose, and must be aware of all the shrinking rays that press upon us. The price of freedom for the Traveler is eternal vigilance about the sticky enchantments that would like to bind us to the Babylon Matrix and turn us into hordes of automatons and hungry ghosts.


Skywriters in Hades (Pt. 1)
By aeolus kephas
Magic, shamanic trance, lucid dreaming, meditation, psychotropic plant use, and writing are all ways to remember how we tricked ourselves into getting lost in a language-based reality construct. By adapting our consciousness to accomodate unfamiliar brain states, we can "write" a more cohesive narrative of reality.


Glory in the Highest (Part One)
By Rob Brezsny
What's your position on making love? Do you regard it as one of the nicer fringe benefits of being alive? Or are you more inclined to see it as a central proof of the primal magnanimity of the universe? I'm more aligned with the latter view. Imagine yourself in the fluidic blaze of that intimate spectacle right now. . . Part One of a three-part series.


An Ecology of Spirit
By John Michael Greer
In ancient times, there were many mystery schools and some of the most famous initiates won fame by traveling long distances from one center of initiation to another.  The work of the modern mystery schools may be is carried on by mail or the internet. A determined student rarely has to search long before he or she finds a source of instruction.


Techno-Optimism: An Interview with Jason Silva
By Nese Devenot
Jason Silva is a dynamic "performance philosopher" and techno-optimist whose eclectic, scientific-philosophical-literary discourse remixes the likes of Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, Carl Sagan, and Timothy Leary into equal parts non-fiction and poetry. I recently talked to Jason about his most recent work and his plans for the future.


Dynamic Paradoxicalism: The Anti-ism ism
By Jonathan Zap
Dynamic paradoxicalism is my attempt to create a meta-philosophy that is a counter to fundamentalist and absolutist thought, which is nearly as common amongst New Agers and the Left as it is amongst religious fundamentalists and the Right. 


Nonduality, Neuroscience, and Postmodernism: The Dream of the Self
By Jay Michaelson
If you ask most people what makes them who they are, chances are you'll get an answer that has to do with the self, the personality — perhaps even the "soul." Yet if you look closely at the personality (or mind, or heart, or soul), you discover that it isn't there.


The Ascendance of Psychotic Knowledge
By Shunyamurti
We have entered a period of epistemological chaos. The true condition of our world, indeed the very nature of our phenomenal reality, including agreement regarding the meaning of knowledge itself, is completely up for grabs. This has led to the rise of a new and unprecedented kind of discourse, which can be categorized as psychotic knowledge.


The Three Seeds
By Charles Eisenstein
Thousands of years ago, humanity planted three seeds, three transmissions, from the past to the future, three ways of preserving and transmitting the truth of the world, the self, and how to be human. Now these seeds are sprouting. Who is ready to receive the fruits?  

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