Top Music that Takes You to a Higher Plane
"Within You With You" by The Beatles, "Echoes" by Pink Floyd, "Thursday Afternoon" by Brian Eno, and "The Art Teacher" by Rufus Wainwright. The are just some of the musical recommendations from Reality Sandwich contributors for those who want to be transported to a higher plane.

Top Films that Capture the Mystical Experience, Vol. 1
The Matrix, Waking Life, Spirited Away, Stalker, Au Hasard Balthazar – some of the films famous for evoking the evasive nature of the mystical encounter. We polled Reality Sandwich contributors to find out their favorites. Here is the first installment of their recommendations.  

Top Ten Destinations (or States of Mind) for December 21, 2012
The Day Zero Festival, Chichen Itza, McClure’s Beach, and the Nowever. We polled Reality Sandwich contributors to find out where they would most like to find themselves on December 21, 2012, as the heavily-hyped 26,000-year astronomic cycle comes to a close. Check out the results. Where will you be when the Mayan calendar ends?