Up until eight years ago, neuroscience didn’t have much to
say in regards to orgasmic pleasure, seeing it as too subjective a field for
objective data collection to take place. Times have changed though. According to
recent studies, the brain’s right hemisphere appears to be inextricably correlated
with sex, particularly the right prefrontal cortex which lights up during orgasm.

This was an initially strange find since scientists traditionally believed pleasure
to be associated only with left-hemispheric processes as it was already established
to be more active among people free of depression, when remembering happy
memories, whilst thinking about loving someone, and for those enduring episodes
of manic grandiosity. Coincidentally, Tibetan Buddhist monks, while meditating,
generate large spikes in the left prefrontal cortex. Feel free to let your mind
free-associate about left hand and right hand paths at this moment…

Nadia Webb, a practicing neuropsychologist at the Children’s
Hospital of New Orleans, explains that a few stables
exist in the experiencing of bliss
, which include a diminishment of self-consciousness,
a shift in one’s bodily perceptions, and a decreased sense of pain. Anyone who’s
experienced an ecstatic awakening can most certainly attest to this yet, unfortunately, these tend to be fleetingly ephemeral moments.

The typical cognitive default of the ego is
to perpetually fabricate consistent stories about our relationship between ourselves and the
world which, in essence, creates, and furthermore seeks to
substantiate, a veil of repetitive, friction-provoking thoughtforms. This is
where meditation can help us.

Used as a tool, meditation offers relief from
this self-preoccupation by allowing the individual to eventually realize that,
funnily enough, there is no individual self; the goal is to progressively
create a space between the identification of one's sense of self with the body or mind until
you eventually find yourself in the eternal space of I Am consciousness, of pure
unadulterated awareness. In practice, meditation reduces the need to
continually judge, plan, compare, and self-scrutinize while increasing your
awareness of thoughts and feelings without allowing them to control you.

Whether you choose the sex or meditation route, these are but a few of the innumerable ways in which to liberate one’s consciousness from the stranglehold
of the mundane so as to ultimately awaken to the deep sense of awe that is the universe.


Image by Studiobaker, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing