Join herbal expert Guido Masé for the live, interactive video course, "Healing with Medicinal Plants: The Health Advantages of an Herbal Kitchen." Guido Masé is one of herbalism's rising stars — thoughtful, provocative, entertaining. Author of The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter and Tonic Plants, Guido has an encyclopedic knowledge of plants and their medicinal uses. He will be joined by insightful experts in the field of herbal health David Winston, Larken Bunce, Frank Giglio, and Betzy Bancroft. This 5-session Evolver webinar starts on Saturday, April 6.


Throughout the ages, people have been treating ailments using plants that are easy to grow or that can be easily found. Yet recent generations have lost touch with this sacred knowledge, even though the techniques of tonic herbalism — alongside modern medicine — are a useful, effective and delicious way to take control of your own healthcare.

  • What's the best way to introduce medicinal plants into your diet?
  • Which herbs increase your energy and creativity, reduce tension and anxiety, and help with depression?  
  • How can herbs reduce the symptoms of allergies and chronic inflammation, while boosting your immune system? 
These are only some of the many health benefits available to anyone who practices the art of tonic herbalism and creates a healing kitchen.

Each session will be a dialog between Guido and a featured guest, every Saturday in April. The final session will be a concluding lecture and Q&A by Guido on May 4. You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. These sessions will be filled with practical advice, clear instructions, and recipes you can do at home.