Suzanne Boothby will be hosting a live, interactive web seminar "Coming Clean: How to Create Your Own Food Cleanse" on Tuesday, March 26th, at 8:30pm EST.

Suzanne Boothby is a wellness writer, certified health coach and whole food cook based in New York City. As someone who fasts regularly, she knows how daunting the options and information overload can be. Detoxes and cleanses have become a staple of healthy living, but there are many different factors in choosing an effective, personalized cleanse. Cleansing isn’t just about diet and discipline. When you take foods away, you gain valuable insights about your body. You get more clarity of mind. You start to connect all those little health concerns to your food or lifestyle choices.

Many people choose to do a cleanse as Winter leads into Spring. Perhaps you have been curious about trying one, or are interested in enhancing your already working knowledge of them. Suzanne will speak with special guests to explore the options of different approaches. Guests include John Rosania from the Clean Program, The Detox Advisor Elicia Woodford, and Jennifer Kass, the smoothie mixologist from Well and Good NYC. This special, live, interactive course is designed to answer the following questions:

  • What to look for in a cleanse
  • How to get in and out of a cleanse
  • Steps for how to create your own cleanse
  • How to stay motivated during a cleanse.


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