After some insights granted me by way of deep reflection, and the new understandings of quantum physics–or as I think of it, quantum reality–it became obvious to me that we each are experiencing reality at a fundamentally individual level. Alhough we share a common framework based on social, cultural, and familial influences–the human condition, if you like–we are at the center of our conscious/subconscious perceptions of the world around us. How I see the color green–regardless of the wavelength the color green manifests by the dictates of modern science–is not necessarily the way you perceive it, though we both agree from the greater consensus that it is green. This is because I own my reality; I create it on-the-fly, and it is my singularity–one of billions, perhaps trillions of separate realities, each a pocket universe owned and controlled by a sentient entity. Infinite realities from the infinite number of entities in the consensual cosmos at large, but that does not really matter. What matters is that my own reality is the one I should be mindful of, and the one I should focus my attention on as I mold reality into what I want it to be.

So this is how my singularity–and everybody's–works. A consensual fabric that holds our joint-reality together, woven with the threads of agreed upon rules, social conventions, familial pressures, the teachings of our schools, the physical sciences, the morals and ethics taught by our leaders, etc. Our perceptions are molded by all this and so much more into a baseline core existence–my green versus yours. It gives us all something to grasp and work with as we live our day-to-day lives. Much of this baseline seems to have been set in stone from the beginning. It doesn't really matter whether you believe in the Big Bang or God's Will since we all accept the baseline, with little or no discussion about it–except physics, where it is all they discuss. Without this consensus, it would all be cosmic soup, a chaos of who-knows-what.

That's OK. When you build something, it is necessary to have a blueprint, or a framework to build on. Here is where the singularity comes in. As long as you carefully rearrange that framework so that no weak or incongruous spots creep in to mess it up, you can make things over to fit your world as you see fit. Like fine needlepoint, you change the picture to create a singular reality of your design. We all do this without being aware of it. Going back to the green example, our friend Fred might actually be seeing a form of blue–that perception fits his world, but you and I do not share Fred’s perception, we both see our own versions of green—and together, the power of our assumptions make Fred’s potential blue into a green like ours. This may sound like it is at odds with the spectrum of visible light, but if you ponder this for a moment, it really isn't. To Fred, it all fits just fine, down to the wavelength, because there is consensus.

Each singular reality is just that. Singular. In Fred's world, there is a small violent conflict in South America, but since I have chosen a world where there is relative peace in that region, we will both see that conflict differently. If a tipping-point of people perceives peace in this event, we will override the consensus and it will be achieved. This is why one person can change the world. One person can move the framework around by the force of the belief in their singularity–the reality they have woven becomes the new consensus–the old slowly fading away as everyone climbs on board.
When I accept the power of my singularity, opposing realities no longer represent a threat to my creation. If I believe strongly enough, I can replace negative elements with positive ones. Violence can be replaced with peace. Reactionary political anger can transform into positive progressive goodwill. The more I focus on this, the better the world becomes. There is no conundrum here–as quantum physics can allow for some leeway. Some theories allow for multiple, infinite realities, so if each individual is embedded in one's own singularity, then, by definition, that is one's own reality. The bad realities will recede from the good reality you have fostered and other good realities will converge on yours. To the individual residing in the bad reality, nothing has changed, he/she will still only see the reality they are embedded in, and they will share their consensual framework with like-minded individuals. Over time, the consensual set of realities will move far away, protecting the positive reality I built with like-minded individuals who have agreed with my framework. Like separate life rafts on the ocean of all possible outcomes, they slowly drift apart unless something or someone ties them together.

The real trick here is to be cognizant of the difference. Most humans are not aware of reality in this sense, so they feel trapped in a world of their own creation, never knowing they have the ability to change it. The enlightened know that they can change it, but may not be thinking in these terms as I do, which doesn’t matter, if the end product is still the same. We can be mindful of how we weave the fabric of our lives, and how we can create a consensual world built on a framework of positive singularities, all merged for the common good. Without even trying, we can remove unhealthy elements as they evaporate into their own separate universe.

How can we replace another's universe if they are still in ours? If we are still sharing some consensual fabric, won't their perceptions lock us into their reality as strongly as ours? To some extent this is true with the force of will, the belief in the validity of their world. Powerful men and women who have evil or questionable motives can have a powerful influence over the rest of us, and by default, our singularities. They may not even think of their agenda(s) as negative, but rather for the common good, or often be just plain self-serving. This is how prophets are born, or how corporate leaders and world-dominating political creatures control the consensual fabric. The power in the belief that one person can make a change, or accumulate great personal wealth and power is enough to override the common man's hopes and dreams. I see this as the one advantage that the forces of goodwill have–we recognize the singularity, the ability to affect change through belief, thus overriding the ugly, destructive manipulations of malicious and powerful beings. It is not even really about good or evil, so much as orienting the shared consensus to a progressive, positive outcome.

Most see this as a vague one-person-can-make-a-difference effect, but I see it as a very solid, reality-altering focus. If I can convince enough people to join me in accepting the same consensus, of being aware of how we make that change–altering the loom settings to our weave–we can easily override the powerful, negative realities. Their machinations will fail, and events will unfold to slowly eliminate their influences. Since most of the reactionary forces are grounded in a subjective, somewhat capitalist-based weaving, they will be ill-prepared to avoid this outcome, since they do not believe in hocus-pocus new age metaphysics.

The challenge now is to find and prepare enough freethinking souls to engage in a global consciousness collective. It has been attempted before, and recent studies, like the Global Consciousness Project, have indicated that there is merit to this line of thinking. So let's ramp it up, start a conversation about setting goals–simple at first, with dates for meditations and focus on your desired outcomes. There are a lot of people thinking along this approach already, but some consolidation and organization is most likely needed here to garner effective results. We also must be careful to avoid any us vs. them attitudes or conflicts, because it is not a conflict. It is a positive attempt to make a better world, and should not be diluted with outmoded personal bias or adversarial attitudes, that would only feed into the old paradigm that we are trying to change.

I propose an outreach by anyone who sees merit in my thoughts here. Talk to those you know who will be open to participating, and avoid engaging those you know will definitely not be interested, or perhaps even hostile. What’s the point of arguing with a singularity that will only resist and tie our rafts together in a less positive journey. As the tide slowly builds, they will either join of their own accord or drift away.
I relish your thoughts and feedback on this concept. I have been thinking about how I might make a difference in our world, and have considered many ways of accomplishing this. Participating in a global effort is where I want to be. I have considered pushing an agenda to get the citizens of the planet to join together in placing a colony on Mars, partially due to some experiences that have led me to believe this is part of my destiny–destiny and singularity are interchangeable, but even that is mutable and open to change. It is a goal that everyone, regardless of nationality, can identify with and feel good about supporting. Maybe I am being a bit too optimistic with my own rose-colored glasses, but I truly believe it is an avenue worth pursuing. I would gladly join and help start any initiative that is dedicated to consolidating a global consciousness of positive benefit for all the life of this planet. We are Earthlings first, and we should be acting as one for the good of all.

So there are many events throughout the year that celebrate, and often, embody much of what I have put forth here, but most require travel and money to participate. This is where I diverge. I see an opportunity to use each event globally, as a focus. Each event could include a scheduled moment, to be shared and reflected upon by people the planet over, a communal minute of meditation on a given topic, be it peace, a halt to violence in a specific conflict, a focused thought of love aimed at a corporate CFO and CEO who needs to be awakened. The aim here is to use these moments collectively, regardless of location, as opportunities for reality change.

Since many folks will be aware of these events but unable to attend physically, we can still coordinate their psychic attendance in a meaningful way. That’s the gist of my thinking here. Setting up a “consciousness event” email/text update to include anyone who wants to be part of the effort, even if they don't know about or follow the celebration schedules. What do you think?


Image by longan drink, courtesy of Creative Commons license.