Celebrate Earth Day with the Rainforest Alliance by participating in the singalong!

Following the success of the You Don’t Own Me PSA with Lesley Gore and the Don’t Frack My Mother PSA with Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono, we are teaming up with the Rainforest Alliance to make a PSA for EARTH DAY! This time we are asking you to wear GREEN and lip-synch to The Village Green Preservation Society by the Kinks.

The Rainforest Alliance is a global nonprofit organization that works on the ground in more than 100 countries to protect forests, save wildlife and restore human dignity.Thanks to their work, more than 500,000 farms, 160 million acres of working forests and hundreds of tourism businesses are more sustainable.

You can help create a healthier planet by supporting the Rainforest Alliance’s work, looking for products that feature the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal when you shop and by taking small actions toward sustainability on a daily basis. Collectively, these small actions will create a great, green, global revolution.

To raise awareness of sustainability, we are asking you to either sing along to the song (as before) or film yourself engaged in one of the sustainable “actions”.  

Our goal is to inspire people all over the world to become a part of The Village Green Preservation Society. To act every day to create a greener, more sustainable world, to be an integral member of a movement, a preservation society that, in small ways, is making great strides to protect our future, our children’s future and our shared mother: Mother Earth!

So, let’s act like we live here and start an everyday revolution beginning on April 22nd, Earth Day! The time to change is now! Earth Day is an opportunity to renew our obligation to preserving and protecting our planet.

Here is are a few reasons why we need to act NOW:

*2012 was the warmest and second most extreme weather year on record for the contiguous United States.
*In the past three decades, one-third of the planet’s natural resources have been consumed.
*Less than 1 percent of the world’s freshwater is available for human use, and the amount of water that is safe for use is declining rapidly due to pollution and contamination.
*Just 1 percent of China’s 560 million urban residents breathe air that is considered safe by the European Union.
*The average US person consumes twice as much as he or she did 50 years ago.
*One in four mammals is at risk for extinction.
*Every year, we lose some 32 million acres of rainforest – that’s an area the size of England, Wales and Scotland combined. These forests hold more than 50 percent of all living creatures on Earth.  
*According to the US National Cancer Institute, 70 percent of the plants useful in the treatment of cancer are found only in rainforests.

The list goes on and on and on.

We are in a crisis. While there is a limit to what we can all accomplish as individuals, collectively our actions on a global scale can have an ENORMOUS impact.

To help us bring attention to this issue and to inspire others to join the green revolution, we are asking YOU to either film yourself WEARING GREEN and singing along to the The Village Green Preservation Society or film yourself ENGAGED IN A GREEN ACTION!

Send your submissions to rainforestpsa2013@gmail.com.

If we all just make a little extra effort, we’ll see a big change! Everyday is Earth Day!

We are the Village Green Preservation Society. Let’s work together!

For more info on the Rainforest Alliance visit: www.rainforest-alliance.org.

Image by pallaea, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.