We did it! The Reality Sandwich 2.0 Kickstarter was a great success. We raised an amazing $56,360.56. — 141% of our goal.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Also, we want to thank the many people who supported this effort by blogging about it, sending emails, sharing Facebook posts, and more. This was a huge group endeavor — and it came together wonderfully well.  

You can see the final talleys here:  

The money raised goes toward the making of Reality Sandwich 2.0. This new phase for RS will include a dedicated area for news, events and reviews, lots more video and music, a moderated forum, a local events calendar, and much more. We expect it to take 4 months to design and build the new digital platform. Look for us to launch in October.

The enthusiasm of the RS community for what we're doing blew us away. We are so grateful!


The Reality Sandwich Team 


About the Reality Sandwich 2.0 Kickstarter:


Since Reality Sandwich's inception in 2007, we've been unique. No other publication covers the full range of consciousness culture — from shamanism to sustainability, alternative realities to alternative energy, holistic healing techniques to visionary technologies. In the words of bestselling author John Perkins, "We're living in a time of great transformation, and no publication charts this change – where it matters most – better than Reality Sandwich."


The consciousness culture is growing fast, and we need to grow with it. So we've launched a Kickstarter campaign to support Reality Sandwich's next phase, RS 2.0.  


This campaign is crucial to RS's future. It pays for a desperately needed new digital platform. With the new tech will come exciting new editorial and community features, like a blog for 10+ timely news posts each day, a moderated forum, and a local events calendar.  


Reality Sandwich 2.0 will include: 

  • A blog with daily transformational news, reviews, events, and opinions
  • Lots more video, music, and podcasts
  • In-depth sections on hot topics like: psi research, psychedelic culture, transformational festivals, and more
  • Improved interactivity: forums, commenting, events calendar
  • A membership program: Each month, a new online discussion about a hot topic led by some of Reality Sandwich's most popular writers, including Dennis McKenna, Gary Lachman,  and Julie Holland 

Please consider making a donation to help Reality Sandwich. And please spread the word as much as you can, through social media outlets and to friends and allies.


Reality Sandwich has always been a community project. Now, we need the community to come together to ensure our future.


Together, we'll make it possible.


We're offering awesome rewards, including Evolver Learning Lab live, interactive video courses with some of the top visionary thinkers from Reality Sandwich – at a discount! Other rewards include: an Allen Ginsberg quote poster, charter membership in RS 2.0, and an exclusive beach towel designed by visionary artist Amanda Sage.


The Reality Sandwich Kickstarter main page: