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The Department of the Interior has given almost $30 billion in government handouts to the coal industry through its coal leasing program.

Through noncompetitive “auctions,” the Department sells the rights to publicly-owned coal to coal companies for a fraction of what it’s worth. And there’s almost four billion more tons of this coal that the DOI could give away in the coming years.

Newly confirmed Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has the power to put an end to these coal industry handouts for good. But she’s going to need to hear from the public first.

What’s worse is that the publicly-owned coal that DOI is giving away isn’t even destined for use in the United States.

With demand falling dramatically in this country, coal companies like Peabody are hoping to boost profits by exporting the dirty coal overseas and selling it in places like China – where it will be burned and continue to add global warming pollution to the atmosphere.

It’s hard to see how this is in the nation’s best interest. Which is why it’s no surprise that DOI is under three separate investigations for the program.

The DOI's coal leasing program is undermining the Obama administration's commitment to reduce global warming pollution.

The administration can’t have it both ways. It's impossible to fight climate change while simultaneously doubling down on the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on the planet.

The truth is that if this coal is dug up and burned, we can’t save the climate. Like drilling for oil in the Arctic or the Keystone XL Pipeline, new fossil fuel projects threaten to send our climate past a point of no return.

Send a message now telling Secretary Jewell to put the public interest back into public lands by placing a moratorium on any new federal coal leases.