Discover why you are here and how to achieve your soul calling. Join host Itzhak Beery and guests for the live, interactive webinar, "Shamanic Paths to Your Life Purpose: Hand Analysis, Numerology, Astrology, and the Mayan Naguals," for 5 weekly sessions, starting September 11.

Ancient esoteric schools the world over profess that our souls choose to enter our bodies in order to achieve a singular purpose – and that throughout our lives we keep working toward that goal. But for many of us, connecting to that life purpose is elusive, and we are left feeling unfulfilled, depressed, or deeply compromised.

The traditional shamanic practices of divination – like hand analysis, numerology, astrology, Ecuadorian Quechua, and the Mayan Naguals – offer you the opportunity to discover, understand, and accept your authentic life purpose, to acknowledge and embrace your soul calling.

Join renowned shamanic teacher Itzhak Beery, publisher of Shaman Portal, for a series of encounters with master practitioners of the ancient arts of divination – Numerologist Julian Michael, shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario, Mayan Nagual Shuni Giron, and palmist Richard Unger — as they demonstrate and explain how these practices can reveal your life purpose to you. Each practice has its own special focus and profound insights.

In this video, Itzhak talks about this exciting course:



This course will introduce you to the role that Life Purpose serves in each shamanic tradition, and give you the tools to recognize and explore your own unique life purpose.

This life purpose has been with you from birth, and will stay until your last breath. Nothing else in your life, no virtue, is more important than for you to acquire than this knowledge. Once you accept your true calling, you can discover your unique gifts and receive the wisdom necessary to use them wisely. You can then clearly see the obstacles before you, and access the energy necessary to address them.