I am thrilled to announce The Occult Humanities Conference, taking place on October 18th-20th at NYU, and co-organized by myself and Jesse Bransford.  The weekend will feature lectures, an art exhibition, and entertainment, all of which explore occult subject matter.

Speakers include Susan AberthRobert AnsellElijah BurgherLaurent FerriMitch HorowitzAmy HaleWilliam KieselGary LachmanMark PilkingtonShannon TaggartJesse, and myself.

The accompanying exhibition, Verbal, Somatic and Material, will contain artwork and esoteric books by Jesse BransfordElijah BurgherDavid Chaim SmithFulgur EsotericaOuroboros Press, and Shannon Taggart.

Entertainment will be provided by The Parlour Trick and Acep Hale.

And there will be books vended by CatlandFulgur Esoterica, and Ouroboros Press.

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