Have you got an excess crop of fruits? Are you looking for a local gardener to find specific vegetables? Perhaps you'd like to share your heirloom tomatoes, find some seeds or sell all that lettuce. If so, Veggie Trader is your new best friend.

In a recent interview with Jonathan Bloom of the Wasted Food blog, Veggie Trader co-creator Rob Anderson describes the vision for the site:

"The idea behind Veggie Trader is to bring people together to share in the bounty and put it all to good use. Gardeners can use the website to trade for variety, find charities to donate to, or even sell their excess to make a few extra dollars. Those simply looking for local food can quickly get in touch with neighbors who have it."

The service is currently available only in the US. If you're outside the US, why not start something similar?



Image: "Colorful vegetables" by adactio on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons liscensing.