Reality Sandwich is looking for bold and bright volunteers to help evolve consciousness far and wide. Assist with proofreading, on-line marketing, events planning, regional representation, social networking, managing a MySpace page and more. Warm fuzzy feelings guaranteed!

Here’s a list of what we’re looking for:

Proofreaders & Copy Editors: If you have a keen eye for detail, join us by reading fun and transformational stories before they reach the public.

Quick Bloggers: Can you come up with a mean lead line and a few dynamic paragraphs? Write newsy blogs for links that readers submit.

On-Line Marketeer: This master web swordsman (or swordswoman) will spread the word of Reality Sandwich across the virtual world, posting links on other blogs, reaching out to other on-line communities, and helping bring in more traffic.

Tribe, Zaadz, MySpace Guru: Manage our MySpace page, collect friends, put up images, blogs, music, and ensure a healthy and happy MySpace & Tribe page for all.

NYC Events Maven: Help us organize exciting reality-altering events in the city that should never sleep.

Art Assistant: Process art submissions, collaborate with artists and artists groups, edit content, and relief pitch for the creative director.

Reality Mavens (Regional): Be a Reality Sandwich rep in your area. Organize events, meet great people, hand out flyers, and spread the good word of Reality Sandwich.

Knights of Social Networking: Facilitate forums, help site users correspond and connect while building and expanding our vibrant community.

To volunteer go to the Contact page, choose "Volunteer" from Category list, and write the desired position in the subject line.



Image: Creative Commons: kaneda99 at Flickr.