The 12th edition of Eclipse festival will be held next July 25 to 28, over the new moon weekend!

For over 10 years, Eclipse has been an experience of visual and musical arts reuniting artists and participants from all over the world. It’s one of the best known psychedelic-trance and electronic-music festivals in North America. For over a decade, the festival has offered a festive, vibrant and unique experience. It forms a genuine parallel world, connected and illuminated for four days in a beautiful forest. Music, performances, technological and visionary arts, alternative philosophies, spirituality, and life in nature merge together. Peace, love, unity, respect!

After the last edition in 2012 and its new beginning, the notion of synchronicity takes on its full meaning in the festival’s evolution and ascent! Dictionaries tell us that a coincidence corresponds to events that happen together by chance because of a combination of circumstances. Some of these coincidences, which famous psychology expert Carl Gustav Jung named “synchronicity,” are more complex and leave the witness with a deep and troubling feeling. “An impression of some pre-established order, of a genuine connection between spirit and matter, penetrates our internal psyche and the outside world. Synchronicity is the occurrence of a significant event that must be viewed as a message.” For Buddhists, synchronicity is “ordinary magic”… Behind this poetic formulation is the idea that everything in the world is connected and forms a whole, that there exists a communion, an interdependency between all beings and objects. Certain people can read the universe’s signs better than others. It’s not that they have a “gift”, but they are beings who are particularly aware and open.

Come and live this synchronicity simply! Let yourself be surprised by new connections and conscious experiences! Come live the music in an immersive, magical environment! Come celebrate a new era and Eclipse Festival’s new dimension! You are cordially invited to come and share your dreams, intents and good vibrations, to give life to your own magic through creation and sharing. Connect with nature, music and dance. Leave no trace!

Thank you for your support, contribution and participation – these are essential in developing a festival that is still evolving over 10 years later! Only a few months left before the 12th edition! Those who wish to get involved with the festival, who want to belong to a great team and family should contact us at the following addresses: