Join hosts John Kozinski and John Perkins for the live, interactive video course, “Food, Plant and Animal Alchemy and Awakening your Spirit.”  Learn to use the energies of food, plants and animals as an aid to developing spiritual insights and expanded consciousness. This 4 session Evolver webinar starts February 6. 


Many people interested in expanding their consciousness are using practices that focus on the mind. These include various concepts and ideas that utilize the imagination. In an age of daily stress and tension, it is helpful to be able to release and transcend the daily grind. Envisioning a better planet for all beings starts with imagining, but can’t end with it.

If we only practice those things that release us from daily existence or stimulate our imaginations, we cannot fulfill our deeper visions or get in touch with our true nature.  To accomplish these goals, we must create a connection to nature, the earth, and the planet. We have a choice to go towards grounding and centering ourselves by gathering our energy inward or by releasing our energy through the mind’s process of imagining.  Each has its place. Each balances the other.

In today’s world, head seems to dominate over body. Computer innovation has created many wonderful connections between people with the spread of new and positive ideas. At the same time, friends on Facebook are very different than friends in person. The difference is related to energy.

The beauty of the internet is that we can become connected to people that we would never have known and to ideas that we couldn’t have dreamed of.  Despite these attractive attributes, it has its limitations.

Ancient people understood, as we all do intuitively, that the nature of all things in this universe is energy. Energy in traditional cultures is known by different names such as Prana, Chi or Ki. We can get lost in the exotic terms and forget the fundamental fact of these teachings that everything has energy.

When you are with a person, you feel his or her energy.  While some of this comes through via the computer screen, it is diluted by the electrical impulses.  Because of our high tech society, there is a great need for grounding and an education in the methods that connect us to the earth, the ultimate source of groundedness.

Food is our most intimate connection to the earth. Coming from animal and vegetable sources, it is a transformation of the energy and substances of the earth.  All foods have different forms of energy.  Ancient shamanic teachings stem from the connection to the earth via foods. The right kind of food energies connect us to the earth while the wrong ones (relatively speaking) sever our connection to the earth.

Traditional ancient Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan shamans understood the energy of foods according to its makeup of 5 elements.  These five elements create our individual genetics in different qualities that can be assessed. Matching the right foods to our bodies helps to keep us healthy and activate our consciousness. This practice came from ancient shamanic forms of diagnosis.  In this way foods can be chosen for different needs to ground us or release our minds from the heaviness of life, and to elevate or deepen our consciousness according to our needs.

The knowledge of how to use the energy of food for health and elevated consciousness is hidden in archaic, beautiful, but hard to understand language of ancient texts. A guide is needed to help a person understand our energy type and the effects of food.

I have spent close to 40 years doing this kind of detective work of deciphering ancient wisdom for modern people and modern times. I would be happy to be a guide to all who are interested in the balance of grounding and releasing energy to elevate your consciousness and to provide the personal energy that we need for this important work.  All problems on a personal and global level may stem from wrong thinking, viewpoints or world views. The work that I am presenting along with John Perkins in our February webinar will provide the necessary fuel for change rooted in the body and the earth.

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Image by Hadi Zaher, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.