Crowdsourcing Sunshine: Web App Advises Homeowners on Solar

Generaytor, a Tel Aviv-based startup, has created at Web-based app that tells users their money-saving potential using solar based on the personal information they give it.

From Triple Pundit:

Generaytor’s concept is simple: On one side there are people who already produce solar energy. Some are idealists who want to be independent of the public electricity supply (which in most countries is still based on fossil fuels). Others do so simply because they consider it to be a smart investment. Whatever the reason, Generaytor found that many of them are happy to share their experience and data related to their solar energy production.

Generaytor then gathers information about users’ roofs, such as size, location and shade. It accumulates data from private solar producers region-by-region and, based on that, offers calculation of the solar potential in different locations.

Basically, users can go to the website, type in their roof’s specifications and the app will show them how much electricity they can produce. Generaytor says it’s important for them to be objective, and they do sometimes tell users not to invest in solar.

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