DMT Nexus: The Nexian

Amongst the monkey-shaped bridges between the dimensions, for many moons now tryptamine-fueled fingers have been furiously weaving together the first issue of the official magazine of the DMT-Nexus:

The Nexian

This was a labor of psychedelic love by humans on the hyperspatial brink, carefully crafted to galactivate humanities higher functions of consciousness within the fractal multi-verse you’ll find waiting withinity.

The Nexian is a so called e-magazine (e-zine) with contributions from members of our site, the DMT-Nexus. These contributions can be articles about a wide variety of topics including trip reports, growing techniques, interviews, and so on, along with a wide variety of art, all made by DMT-Nexus members.

With this e-zine we hope to spread information, art and enjoyment to all who are interested. The e-zine is free to download, so please share or post it wherever you like! 

You can find the e-zine as a handy PDF format for download at this site:

(There are different qualities/sizes which you can choose from.)

Hope you enjoy it!

And THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! 

Image by Uberto, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.