MDMA and Autistic Adults: A New Research Study [Psychedelic Salon #392]

The latest episode of the Psychedelic Salon podcast features a talk from the 2013 Palenque Norte Burning Man series.  In it, Alicia Danforth discusses the results of a 2013 research study she conducted into the various effects of MDMA on individuals with Autism Spectrum disorders.

It’s an amazing talk.  As the father of a child on the spectrum, I really appreciated her candid and honest approach to the subject matter and her desire to shatter preconceived notions of what it really means to be Autistic.   

Following that is a recording of a conversation with Alicia and Dr. Charlie Grob, who have just begun a new study to investigate the potential of using MDMA to help ease the social anxiety that is sometimes experienced by our friends and fellow saloners in the autistic community. – Lorenzo Hagerty

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For more info on Alicia and Charles’ newest research initiative, check out the study information HERE

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