Globalization: A Major Cause To Affect The Earth

Years ago our earth was known for its lush greeneries, fresh environment, ample of water sources, wide dense forests and an only lonely planet to provide life to many organisms, either in air, land or in water. Truly the earth, our very own planet, has blessed us and all other living beings from its varied sources otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to live over here. It has gifted us from many natural and lucrative aspects. 

On the contrary, when it came to our turn, to serve the earth and its belongings, human beings turned out slight selfish. We got so engrossed in our growth and development that we didn’t cared for our surroundings and environment. The zeal of getting ahead from everyone in the race may have indeed made us popular, but there are various factors which have been gradually heavily affected due to our so called progress.

Now consider the following scenarios:

Scene 1- You plan to move out for a picnic on a fine sunny day, when all of a sudden you sense the change in climate and it rains heavily leaving you surprised. Won’t you get irritated on the failure of your picnic?

Scene 2- How better would you protect yourself if it’s a sudden cold in the mid of summer?

As a matter of fact, these are not imaginary scenarios, such incidents keep on happening every now and then in various parts across the globe. No doubt, it could happen in your area as well. However, the thing to consider over here is that what is the reason behind all these incidents? What is it that compels the nature to change so rapidly?

It’s the global warming. The rise in temperature, the unusual floods, the melting of glaciers and the uneven climate are some of its kinds. Eventually, the resulted outputs are some of the clear indications from the earth, that there’s certainly something wrong going on in the eco system. If the problem persists, then the unfortunate time is not too far when there would be a shortage even in oxygen!

This sudden change in climate has led to the extinction of many species from the earth. And believe it; we human beings are the sole responsible factors for all these causes. The recent growth in globalization as well as in industrialization has resulted in cutting down of forest and evacuation of natural resources. There will be a time when more than half of the animals and birds will be found in the zoos and sanctuaries.

The Probable Solution: Save Earth, Save Animals, Save Environment! These are the most common slogans to be seen in almost every part of the earth nowadays. Though many of us plant the trees, but more than that are cut down for economical growth. Apart from the governing bodies, we should be determined to protect and conserve trees which would help not only to sustain the environment, but will help to make the required balance in nature.

Formation of Communities: Thankfully, there are many communities who think to create a better place in earth. Some of them like Rimba Raya have come out with a very noble cause to protect the most endangered species like orang-utans, while some others are conserving other species, so that these organisms may continue to live on earth for long. Practically, we can contribute a part of our time for such communities.

Limitation To Economics: Certainly as long as the life on earth persists, there would be hardly any limitation to the growth and development in economics. However, it would need extreme efforts and committed minds to make a better world once again. Though the losses which occurred cannot be recovered, but still we can stop the things from getting worse. Isn’t it?

The Final Verdict: We think for our well being and always keep ourselves on the safe and convenient side, while we overlook the fact that there are various other lives on the earth too. If they would extinct, then it would be a problem for us to live over here as well.

Author’s Profile: Ryan, the author of this post, is an ecologist. He also works for conservation units for endangered species. He shares the importance of forestation, the living organisms and the mutual balance for a convenient living.