Philippa Rees "Involution - An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God" - [Occult Sentinel #46]

Joe Moore interviews author Philippa Rees about the spontaneous, uninvited spiritual event that sparked the creation of a book of poetry called "Involution - An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God", and the decades long honing of a work that was crafted to mimic the spiraling structure of a DNA molecule.  

Philippa Rees wrote a book that is a rarity: it is on a controversial, actually hair and eyebrow raising subject, and it is totally sincere, and totally insightful. If you, the reader, are as brave as this author, you are in for a fantastic ride.  Getting close to science as well as to God at the same time.  That’s no mean feat. Enjoy the ride – and the light! (Dr. Ervin Laszlo)

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