Karma Festival Chill Mix by SobeyOne

Sobey Wing has been a part of co-creating intentional electronic music dance culture since the late 90's, spurred by harm reduction project, Mindbodylove, and is a co-founding member of Tribal Harmonix, a hub for conscious dance culture, based in the Lower Mainland of BC. With Tribal Harmonix he has played a yearly role in hosting the annual Earthdance Vancouver event and participated in organizing the end of year Intention retreats. In countdown for 2012 he has also been a part of the Entheos Conference and Festival as an organizer and presenter. Over the years Sobey been a speaker about dance culture, a moderator of community forums, offered workshops aimed at the dance community as well as councils to discuss varied topics. Sobey also is creating events & collaborations with the Evolver Spore network to assist the paradigm shift. 
Sobey is a current section editor for the Reality Sandwich's Conscious Convergences, the hub for all news related to the transformational festival scene. 


Art by Nathan Spoor (Rites of Passage)