In a no holds barred interview exclusive on, Jason DeMarco, the “Creative” Director for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim provides a shocking revelation: 


Playing the media monster with a slew of supposed ‘occult’ imagery these straight laced status-quotidians have got the internet conspiranoia frothing and the kids hungry for a fast paced flicker’fest of empty signs and signals set to suck them into a spinning maze of mass advert’ainment. With shocking candor DeMarco reveals in the interview just how boring, status quo and mundane “extreme” media is on the inside. 

0When asked for their sources of inspiration DeMarco doesn’t dabble in any sleight of speech – pulling out something easy like David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky – he honestly admits that they just take their cues from Tumblr, Instagram and other fast turn around online information tunnels. 

As DeMarco puts it –  ” just the idea of putting cool images on the air, and not doing what everyone else is doing at that time, begging you not to change the channel. ” That’s right, they dabble in the digital demographic equivalent of – ‘let’s see what the kids are up to these days.’

So what’s with all the esoteric kitsch?  It’s simple:

“we just like playing with imagery. Much of the imagery that certain corners of the internet associate with the aforementioned secret societies has existed for thousands of years. We look at them as artistic elements. There is no intent to reflect a particular ideology other than “wow that’s interesting to look at.”

So if you’re wondering why your eyes are glazed and milky rather than bursting with fiery illumination after a mind numbing exposure to analogical imagery that once induced initiation – it’s because you’re just being fed strategic stimuli for the ol’ Pavlovian media masquerade.  This ain’t no gnostic mass – it’s a pop tart parade.  

All of this speaks to a question asked by media pioneer Joseph Matheny when he was reflecting on what happens to transmedia once it reaches the cold dead hand of corporate corruption: Who invited the Lobsters anyway?

Matheny describes the intentions of early transmedia as an attempt “to broaden and open up the storytelling process to mediums outside of the traditional publishing platforms, i.e. text/images. It was part Borges, part George Coates, part The Game (the move with Michael Douglas) and part other things.” Digital media has opened up the doors for a wide array of integral expression that can deeply accentuate our shared heritage of human endeavor. When the Creative Director for Adult Swim can’t cite much more than Instagram as an inspiration, and mentions the guiding philosophy of “wow that’s interesting to look at,” we know we’re in Lobster’land. 

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BONUS ROUND – Substitute the name of most ‘counter culture’ media outlets for ‘Adult Swim’ and see how many similarities you can come up with! 

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