The just past full moon is in Sagittarius today, applying to square Neptune this afternoon. Meanwhile the Sun is almost conjunct fixed star Algol, the eye of Medusa, and Venus is conjoined with Uranus today, exactly, in Aries. 

CNN Headline this Morning: Tragedy turns objects into icons.

You lose a psychic limb, and something grows in its place. It’s not a new limb. Let’s not get all resurrecty about this. What grows in its place is in the negative space, the stump, the hump, the one called “cripple.” We’re so quick to glorify our wounds, we dignify them with phrases like wounded “warrior” or wounded “healer.” Where the emphasis is placed on the way in which our wounds give us some kind of nobility or special gift. We say that person is “special,” or “gifted,” when we don’t know how else to avert our eyes, which are also our words, around the simplest of broken facts about someone’s deformations. We do this because we aren’t patient or interested enough observers. 

Of course it’s cruel to mock people for their stumps, humps, lumps, or broken parts. Cruel primarily because it is obsessively self-referential. It is a kind of psychic lording over or bullying. But the counter tendency, to placate with trite nobility, is like a rich feudal lord trying to anesthetize the people he monopolizes with puffed up but meaningless titles. Who is the one so fixed on the value of high dignity to begin with? And why are we not calling this stumpy one out to court for some kind of public slap fight? Why do we keep missing that one’s own peg leg, crooked nose and golden alligator eyes? 

Our wounds are our soul. Our character. Noble may or may not be an appropriate word for how they appear to us or others. But anyway, why worry over its dignity so much? Can’t we try to describe character carefully rather than reduce something to its’s royal place in the palace hierarchies of specialness? We metaphysicalize and “love” each other to death. 

Today as the Eye of Medusa is starting to open through the light of the Sun, watch for an Ego or Two to lose its head. Watch for the normal niceness and nobility to get lopped off with a few small word slips, the profusions of anger or selfishness or self-righteousness that fart their way through, and then in that moment, see yourself or someone else for who they are. See the stump, lump, hump, and broken part. Don’t ennoble yourself by “accepting” it. Don’t ennoble yourself by trying to make it beautiful. Instead just see if you can observe and describe the particular shape, and allow your observation to open that shape into a world. Remembering that one image begets another and another. Both wounds and the nobility of wounds start from not being able to see through wounds carefully, with the eye of a poet. 

It’s also a good day for a rebellion. So screw what I’m saying! 

Venus and Uranus are in love with the rebel. 

Here’s another Venus-Uranus story line. The rebellion against love. In love with the rebellion. What does this mean to us right now?

People say, “all is love,” or “everything is love.” When I hear this I see a drunk man standing on a roof over a swimming pool, a drunk and womanizing rock star, a Golden God (see the film Almost Famous), everyone looks up and says, yes, yes, jump into the pool. He does. Everyone cheers. But soon he’s not writing music like he used to…

Another image: we might find ourselves rejecting something right now quite strongly. We might feel fired up and quite fiercely in love with an idea. Instead of thinking this idea is “mine” try seeing the idea as something already having its way with you. Think of the new feeling, image, thought, motivation, or idea you are most passionate about right now as something that is actually most passionate about you. Reverse the flow and then see how this idea, or this intention, is already making some kind of sudden love with you. The instinctual erotics of ideas become dry when we can’t see them as having their way with us. Instead we spend our time “considering, reflecting, choosing between, and acting upon,” ideas. 

So today maybe we can try to let an idea be something of its own, and see what it wants. Make out with it or fight with it or debate with it or get aggressive or naked with it or play with it. Whatever! But don’t just “consider” and/or “act upon” your ideas right now. We make ideas so flat by our ideas about ideas. It’s like sitting on a loaf of bread all day and then saying that all bread is definitively mushy, like we didn’t quite obviously make it that way by sitting our “buns” on it all day long! 

Prayer: “Went down the hill, other day, soul got happy, and stayed all day.”


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