The Moon is in Leo today, applying to trine Uranus and square Saturn by this afternoon. Meanwhile the sun moves to oppose Pluto…

CNN Headline: Obamacare vs Hobby Lobby…on religion, abortion, and contraception…

The subject of the death of children or death in the family is very much floating through the collective right now. Whether it’s through the debate about abortion going on through the Obamacare court case, or through the coverage of infants being left in hot cars, or the family who killed their own children in Pakistan (right after they were wed!), or even through the story in China about the “baby hatch” inundation (an unprecedented number of abandoned children left to an institution in China), the subject keeps popping up.

It’s tempting when we see subjects like this to immediately ask “what’s wrong with the world?” The obvious answer is “a lot.” But a deeper answer might be, “nothing.” These archetypal realities…children and death, death in the family, and even the larger subject of moral erosion in a society…none of them are new. In fact they are all very old, recurring themes. Sometimes we think that by accepting their presence, by accepting that they are real, we are condoning them. This isn’t true at all. The archetypal astrologer’s job is simply to have a more far reaching imagination ABOUT the archetype..seeing through the literalness of its problematic side, and into its multivalence.

For example…in the images of children being killed or forgotten or abandoned by their parents, we aren’t just seeing some simple, moral tragedy. We are also seeing an age old story about the very real (though often unfortunate) rage, resentment, and competition shared between the old and the young. There is a generational story that has been very present during this grand cross period. The rage older or more responsible “parental” people feel toward their children or younger people is a natural part of the archetype of age and aging. At the same time, younger people have a right to be furious that older people can’t “go down easy.” In a culture that is so obsessed with youth, sometimes our elders forget that their duty to aging, their duty to the specific archetypes of elderhood, are a necessary component of younger people stepping into their own relative stages of adulthood. Hence these images we are seeing in the collective, to the eyes of the astrologer, are images of deeper generational conflicts.

So the forecast:

The subjects of birth and death in the family
The subjects of age and aging in the family
Generational conflicts
Young people who can’t grow up and let their parents and elders age
Old people who can’t grow old and let their children or the younger generation come into its own…
Conflicts with authority…people who can’t let go of something…who can’t make room for others to shine and/or be seen and heard….

With the Moon aspecting Uranus today there is also a good chance for some unexpected challenges to authority and/or some strange behavior from old/young people in our midst. The feeling that “you’re supposed to be acting a different way considering your age and/or position” might pop up unexpectedly…

This aspect will intensify as the week goes on, culminating over the 4th of July weekend.

Prayer: Help us play our roles and know the timing of our entrances and exits.Keep us cool.


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