Time is Art is an artful, meditative documentary exploring synchronicity as a portal to a new reality, “helping to see with our hearts what was once invisible.” Co-created by a husband and wife team, Joel Mejia and Katy Walker, the movie has since expanded to include writer Jennifer Palmer and co-producer Maia Monasterios:

“Who owns your time owns your mind and your world. Change your time and you change your world.” – Jose Arguelles

Inspired by acclaimed & visionary author Jose Arguelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom, we explore the idea that modern humanity is in trouble immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time causing us to deviate from the natural order of the universe. We have become disconnected from the natural rhythms of the earth by focusing only on money, consumerism and exploitation and yet deep down inside, we crave the return to a foundation of culture, community, creation and innovation.

Time is Art is a documentary feature film inspired by the magic of synchronicity. This mysterious phenomenon reveals a different kind of time—a natural, universal time.  Instead of mechanical clocks and the Gregorian calendar, natural time is signified by the moon and the seasons—by the changes in light and in our bodies.  Time is the measure of interconnections—of our oneness with the Earth and our connection to the stars which still call to us behind the screen of light pollution.  Instead of seeing ourselves as living on the Earth, the experience of synchronicity teaches us that we are ONE with the biosphere.  As the late philosopher, Jose Arguelles pointed out, the increase in accounts of synchronicity corresponded to increased awareness of our oneness with everyone and everything on the planet.  This, he claimed, was a part of our evolution as a species—a movement beyond thinking of ourselves as separate from nature to understanding that everything that we are and everything we’ve created, including technology and plastics and our consciousness itself, is a part of a single “post-organic” planetary organism.

I was delighted to partake in the Time is Art IndieGoGo launch party this week in NYC (not to mention, Joel filmed my partner and I talking about the romantic synchronicity that brought us together). The energy, intelligence and enthusiasm of Joel, Katy, Jennifer and Maia is simply wonderful! Support this quality dream team as they catalyze communities and culture to engage with the synchronicity phenomenon.

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Update! 7/20/14

Thanks to Katy in the comment thread below we have the new trailer: