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”By allowing ourselves the power of creative expression and creative embodiment, we realize limitation is an illusion, and we can craft the reality we truly want to live in.”

–        Magenta Imagination Healer, Executive Director of The Evolver Network

Our world begins in the imagination. Corporate steel springs up from the ground like a patch work skeletal infrastructure – networks of wires interlace in tight knit technological endocrinal communication – billboards, ads and multitudinous media flesh out the façade of organizational identity– all start in the mind before they emerge into physical space.

Magic seems rare in the contemporary world with our recognition passing over the prevalence of sorcery for its practice being so open and unabashed. Sorcery is applied magic to affect change – and the techniques of magic act to bring the image or our society into being. We live in days divined by the sophisticated mechanisms of technocratic magi, our sense of self woven web-like, we are ignited with coercion by a shared language of malleable symbols. These symbol sets in turn birthing cognizant cultural patterns as our reality branches out from seeds sown by paid propagandists in the elegant matrix of the collective consciousness. Yet if such magic slithering down from ivy towers and cruel cityscapes offers a bitter yield, our hope can still set in the ability for local creatives to challenge these top heavy and restrictive structures with imaginings and images of our own.

As an incubatory chamber for these efforts, The Evolver Network, a global network connecting organizations and individuals working toward the health and well-being of Earth and humanity, has been actively reawakening the local spirits of cooperative creativity. It is fitting that as TEN comes into a new period of progressive development one of the inaugural projects that attends its rebirth is a mobile sacred space dedicated to the divine feminine – an intense and immersive art piece that is sure to provoke response and reflection:

” The Vulvatron (Click Here for more information) is an interactive, immersive mobile art environment that honors the female form and celebrates the divine feminine in us all. With its strong steel curves and soft inviting cushions, it is a temple to the goddess and a community connection space. Its compelling visual and interactive concepts enable a dynamic exchange of experiences between all participants. As the commerce of ideas flows through and across its features, it holds space for an open dialogue between people of all genders, exploring what it means to support one another’s creative vision. The environment responds, embraces, and transforms all who choose to interact.”

Behind this restructuring and rebirth of the Evolver Network is TEN’s new Executive Director, Magenta Imagination Healer, an art focused artisan agitprop provocateur that embodies the hopes of the movement in her own life. Through roles such as editor for trans-positive art magazine AoRTa and in designing workshops for the organization Radical Women, a women’s leadership and training organization, she has been active in teaching art skills to activists and vice versa, in involving artists activist projects. The powerful medium of artistic and creative expression allows her to teach the history and practices of of progressive movements to those who today can bring these ideals into our own contemporary world.

In a recent post on Facebook she reflects on how her deep commitment has begun to open up into new possibilities:

“Living for four years largely on gift economy, in one sense having nothing according to the way domin-(ant)/(ator) society operates… I gaze upon the invaluably precious and powerful musical and shamanic instruments I’ve been gifted, the beautiful paintings and icaros I’ve created during this time, my first gourd bowl I’ve sanded and carved… the flyers for the city-wide healing forum and think tank I’m producing next week, the Hopi and California native tobacco seeds I have to plant when I finally land in a home. And I feel a deep peace knowing that I’m finished with the spiritual assignment of healing and architecting the new systems for the Evolver Network.”

A time of responsibility is upon us, in which we face the need to bring these imaginal structures, the ideational architecture and new systems, into physical manifestation. In some sense the symbolism of the Vulvatron is a visceral reminder that we are on the verge of this new birth. The decentralized structure of Evolver Network is no longer the top down organization that was created under the leadership of Daniel Pinchbeck and Johnathan Talat-Phillips which filtered ideas from a loft in New York into cells through out the Americas and Europe. Today’s TEN is a radically diverse group of forward thinking creatives that are operating locally to create conversations, events, actions and spaces to allow for individuals to begin addressing the drastic changes that have come upon us as globalization and the integration of diverse lifeways challenge the status quo that has allowed social stasis to replace the organic structures that create living communities.

Local ‘Spores’ activate engagement in their own communities with the possibilities of imaginal empowerment. These creatives cultivate local space, supported by the responsive framework of digital networks, stretching beyond trans-spacial boundaries to bridge mind and material as reality emerges into fresh new forms. Fires of wisdom spreading despite the corrupting influence of corporatized social media outlets, fed and fueled by local activists whose art is the architecture of new thought forms expanding across the fertile fields of conscious connection.

Within her own locality in the Bay Area, Magenta has been pivotal in creating a quarterly gathering called HiveMind (Click Here for more information), a “community forum where you can connect, learn, nourish and celebrate life.” The event “brings people together around the convergence of technology, healing, permaculture, visionary arts, and local economy. It builds a coalition of local organizations, and cross-pollinates solutions being developed in different disciplines.” Through HiveMind the Bay Area Evolver Spore has brought forward a model which can inspire other local groups to organize events in their own social spheres where the question of these convergences can be effectively addressed to suit the needs of disparate communities around the globe.

The Evolver Network is a powerful experimental sphere in which artists and activists can find and foster inspiration for thriving social spaces that support concepts such as the gift economy and other alternative economic and community structures. It also brings global issues into the conversation sphere of local creatives who can cultivate the imaginal structures that will lead the way for an energetic emergence of true connections.

Issues at the core of the Evolver Network’s vision, such as developing a healthy relationship with the environment, are within the present purview of global leaders as can be seen by Pope Francis “branding the destruction of South America’s rain forests and other forms of environmental exploitation a sin of modern times.” TEN brings these issues back to artists and activists on a local level. While advertisers and marketers have turned art into an agent of propaganda, TEN returns the communicative potential of art to those who can caringly cultivate the imagination of society towards realizing the strength of the individual to make a difference in the world around them.

As Magenta puts it:

“We have all the resources we need to create personal and planetary health and world peace. We need to learn to talk to each other and Earth again and play. We can do this together, and it can be fun, and magical. We can step into a place where the lids of oppression are lifted, from within and without, and the wild song of creation passionately making love with itself can be heard in its unbridled fullness.”

With the Vulvatron set to launch and the Evolver Network growing stronger under a new Executive Director, your support is needed to empower this vision of a new decentralized hub of creative potential. 10% of all dontations to the IndieGoGo campaign (Click Here for more details) goes to supporting the further development of TEN.

In upcoming features we will be hosting conversations with local Spore’ganizers and activists who have been instrumental in empowering the Evolver Network’s local initiatives. Join us as we re-vision the world we live in and rediscover the power of our imagination.