A Dating Expert’s Horoscopes Research

The hand of fate, as much as celestial configurations and your zodiac sign are believed to determine your compatibility levels with your romantic partner, and even the future of your relationship, if you believe in mystical influences on your romantic life and choices. Arab dating can help you connect with more eligible Arab singles, including Arab Christian singles, than you can count on the fingers of your hands. Though traditional Arab matchmaking does not place much emphasis on the compatibility of zodiac signs, the modern, prevalent belief is that while some zodiac signs inspire soulmate like connections, others may lead to terrifying incompatibility.

Recent research indicates that women who share a certain sign of the zodiac tend to choose online dating more than those from the other signs. Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Sagittarius women make their presence felt by being at 16%, 12%, 12%, 11%, 10% respectively of those subscribed on an online dating site. Not to be left behind, Gemini and Taurus women make up for 9% and 8%, followed by 6% of Virgo, 5% of Aquarius, 4% of Leo, 4% of Pisces and 3% of Cancer. 


There is often a lot riding on the choice you make while picking your romantic partner, as your happiness, the direction your life takes, in fact, your future, may depend on making the right choice. Arabic dating can, of course, bring positive, happy results without involving any star gazing. However, keeping what the stars have to say about the potential for higher compatibility with people from specific zodiac signs, and choosing your partner based on the traits of a particular zodiac sign, may inspire soulmate like connections, which may smoothen your path to love, as you will be better equipped to understand this special someone and will know exactly what they find most appealing.

The Zodiac consists of twelve signs in all, and each one is called the sun sign or the zodiac sign of the person. These signs are believed to impact every aspect of the persona, including personality, behavior and traits. The sun sign of a person is determined by the birth month of the individual. The signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. To know more about the romantic traits of each sign, read on and find out. 


Those who are born under this sign of the zodiac are born leaders, have a taste for adventure and are extroverts. These free spirits are independent minded and think nothing of putting their foot down, if they feel any boundaries are being crossed. They are confident, believe in themselves and bounce back quickly from any set back, professional or personal, and are back in the game, just as quickly. Their optimism and positive energy is contagious and they can cheer up anyone in minutes. They play to win and do not give up on a cherished goal easily. The signs most compatible with Aries are Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.



The traits that are most noticeable in this sign are a love for security, a desire for material comforts and their need for long-term romantic relationships. They are loyal to the core, can be irresistibly charming and have excellent social skills. Though it may seem like a challenge to get to know them well, as they seem to be snobs at first glance, once a bond has been created, they will stand by you through thick and thin. They make for attentive, devoted partners and are deeply committed to their romantic relationships. Their best mates are from the signs Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces.


For someone born under this sign, being caring, creative and multi-faceted is the natural way to be. These sensitive souls can take offence easily, need a romantic partner who understands them, and doesn’t try to change them. Misunderstanding can bring on temper tantrums and marathon-sized sulking sessions, so patience is a must for a romantic relationship to thrive. They invest a lot of themselves when they are in love, and expect loyalty and undivided attention in return. The ideal partner would be from the zodiac signs of Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius or Aries.


The typical cancer traits are being temperamental and moody. They take their own sweet time to warm up to someone, but once they fall in love, they are often in for the long-haul. They are sensitive, harsh words or criticism can impact their self-esteem and can bruise their ego irreparably. They mostly believe in monogamous relationships, will go far to make things work with their chosen sweetheart and are family centric. Their soulmate would be from the signs Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo or Taurus. 


Though a person from this sign is sometimes identified as a born flirt, a Leo offers an unforgettable romantic experience and undying loyalty. Be prepared for stiff completion from others, though, as there will be many vying for the attention of those from this sign, as they ooze natural magnetism, are crowd-pullers due to their  charming nature and unusual looks. Success means the world to these extroverts; they aim for success in their chosen careers and in the romantic lives, as well. The signs that make the best mates are Sagittarius, Libra, Aries, Gemini or Aquarius.


The ones from this sign are artistically inclined and talented. These good-hearted souls are gentle and friendly in their approach to others and think nothing of helping out anyone in need. They are romantics at heart and are on the lookout for a once-in-a-life-time romantic connection. Once they have set their heart on a romantic partner, they will do their best to have that person in their life. They love to look after and to take care of their partners.  The best bonds are formed with Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio or Pisces.


Those who are from this zodiac sign are sophisticated and have a taste for the finer things in life. They surround themselves with friends and remain in close contact with their families. They are naturally empathetic towards others and are warm-hearted. Those from this sign abhor the harsher aspects of life and are prepared to adjust for the sake of a harmonious relationship.  The most compatible partners for a Libra would be from the signs Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo or Sagittarius.


A Scorpio has raw passion flowing through the veins and has a huge appetite for all that life has to offer. They can be unforgiving, will bide their time to take their revenge, if they feel they have been slighted. They can captivate people by their charm, good-looks and enthralling conversations. The ideal partners are Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Taurus.



Those born under this sign of the zodiac are extroverted and are great fun to be with. They love adventure and their wanderlust takes them to the most exotic locales of the world. Though they thoroughly enjoy flirting, they remain loyal to their partners. Gemini, Leo, Aries, Libra or Aquarius is the perfect match.


For people born under this sign, succeeding in life is not an option, but, rather, it is a must. They are hard working and will work equally hard at their careers and their intimate life. A Capricorn will wait for the ideal partner to show up and will go after what they want, once the object of their desires has made an appearance. They value their hard earned money and will not squander it away on a whim. The instant connections are with Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio or Pisces.


Expect high adventure when you are around people from this sign. They have a taste for making impulsive decisions, may set off to travel the world overnight or may decide to marry on a whim. They know how to keep the chemistry alive in a relationship; will shower their partner with unique gifts and give them their undivided attention. Their best connections are with Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, or Leo.


Trying to gage what’s on the mind of a Pisces is impossible, as they are mysterious and like to keep others guessing. If you are in a romantic relationship with one, you may not know exactly where you stand, till all is stated clearly. They can be whimsical and tend live in their own world. They have a sizzling, passionate side, which they shy away from flaunting. When in love, a Pisces makes for a loyal, caring lifelong partner. Their dream mate would be from the signs Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.