Planet's strongest shamans gather in Tuva for landmark festival

The most powerful shamans will convene in the Republic of Tuva in southern Siberia for the inaugural Call of 13 Shamans Festival, a festival devoted to shamanic culture, on July 27.

via Russia Beyond the Headlines:

Drum rites, rituals, meditation, mysteries, and throat singing are all part of the program. The organizers also promise to hold interesting seminars and master classes on the spiritual practices of shamans and divination. All those interested will also be taught the “Eagle” dance, which is part of the Un-Hun spiritual health program. The global goal of the festival is the revival of the shamanic traditions.

The originator of the idea and the chief organizer of the Call of 13 Shamans festival is the khoomei throat singing master Nikolay Oorzhak, a hereditary Tuvan shaman from the Black Heaven clan.

The festival is taking place for the first time and so far without any sponsor support. Nevertheless, the organizers have succeeded in finding an especially “charged” site for the event – the strongest masters have gathered at the Shyk-Bazhy tourist base in the Dzun-Khemchiksky district of Tuva. The Call of 13 Shamans will draw to a close on 27 July, explained Oorzhak.

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