This fall, a well-known music producer called The Polish Ambassador is embarking on a 32-city tour called Pushing Through The Pavement: a permaculture action tour.  The permaculture action tour will be bringing permaculture education and inspirational media directly into the shows themselves, having people from local groups and organizations doing the work in each city speak and table to get folks involved in local efforts, and inviting the entire audience out to a project day following the shows.

The tour is focusing on the urban environment, where about 80% of the US population lives, and where these kind of large congregations are already playing a role in bringing people together.  Focusing on the sense of community and connection that already exists in these spaces, Pushing Through the Pavement looks to ground that energy in community organizing that has longevity and direct action of city dwellers to create resilient and healthy communities in the places where they live.

Some of the project days in the works include planting a community fruit orchard on public park land, a children’s garden in Los Angeles, plastering a natural building in Oregon, turning a lawn into a permaculture landscape in a food desert in Denver, and planting a downtown food forest.

Project days in over 30 cities are in the works as the tour catalyzes local community organizing and seeks to build a network of people and groups transitioning the urban environment through permaculture, regenerative living, food justice, and sustainability.  As part of this, the Permaculture Action Tour will be setting up the Lexicon of Sustainability’s new pop-up show in over 30 venues from San Francisco to New York City including the House of Blues, Crystal Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Terminal West, and the Fillmore: displaying these beautiful photographic posters of people doing the work of transition on the walls of these major venues for all in attendance to see and learn from.  They will also be weaving footage from Edible City and Overgrow The System, both wonderful collections of documentation on the shift to a more sustainable way of living, into the visual projections of the show for a fully immersive experience.

The Permaculture Action Tour is inviting everyone to get involved in some way, whether by organizing locally in the cities we’re coming through, spreading the word, coming out to a show or to help with a project day, donating to the the crowd funding campaign, or starting similar efforts where you live.

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