Moon exaltations continued…for today’s Moon in Aquarius Goddess

Moon in Aquarius:

Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Woman
a lightning flash and fist in the sky
flowing down from the stars like water
utopian daydreams and systems of thought
sparking off your glitter glam strike me down
invention dress at the costume ball
leaving an alien impression on everyone you meet
sister rebels making love in the streets

You’re the friendship in foreplay
the community gardens of the gods
and the rooftop access to the stars
you’re the one bright idea
that leads to the next
that leads to the next
until yes is making love
to the perfect body of mindless thought

Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Woman
you wear offended like hard thought nobility
progressive like past time casual clothes
and every Saturday in Olympus park
you beat the old ideas out of an opposing force
and by ending them create ancient soul tribes
out of thin air

Every day when we wake
you’re the first shining coins
we cast into the ice cold wishing well
at the center of a sunshine city
Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Woman
bright lungs and circulation of the stars
you’re the rhythm of divine respiration
a blood blue breeze that keeps us alive
into the future…


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