Spore Report from Evolver San Francisco Sporeganizer, Magenta

This morning I rode my bike five miles to get to cell reception and internet. We at the Evolver Network are almost through a massive re-structuring process, and finishing our strategic plan and so forth so we can reach out for financial support. Meanwhile I’m working on a farm for duckets, enjoying the stars and the sound of crickets at night.

I opened up Facebook to perhaps the most inspiring day of things people tagged me on. I want to share them here, because team Awesome is clearly raging in full force. Most of these are local to the San Francisco bay area, but are worth looking at as examples of what’s possible with open source community spaces and healing tools.

First up, the Sustainable Magic Box:

Hi – I’m Sean – a life long creator and light artist, my friend Ashley Newton and I are kickstarting an AWESOME mobile maker resource & education project – http://themagicbox.org – A food truck for the mind. Big laser cutter, multiple 3d printers + robotics, lighting, sound, video. It’s a fab lab, media lab and gallery on wheels. We want to help people create using tech for the first time, help existing creators do more, faster, plus show creations outside to inspire more people to create. We have raised about $12,000 of our $18,000 goal but now only have 8 days to raise the rest, or we get no funding! Please, consider funding us – we will be a community resource. We make the robotic flowers that have been popping up around SF, did the lighting for Dr. Brainlove art car, I make bike pedal powered sound systems. .. We want to make more cool stuff happen. Rewards include laser cutting time, workshops, art and more! We can and will show for hackathons, etc to support the creation of amazing and strange things. Please help us make this happen!

Next, I became friends with an actor who is part of this forthcoming film:


While downloading podcasts to listen to, I checked in on my favorite one, the Permaculture Podcast. I can’t wait to listen to these two episodes in particular:
Mushroom Cultivation and Mycoremediation with Tradd Cotter
Jono Neiger on Professional Permaculture, Education, and Community Building

There is a new makerspace in Oakland called LOL! – Liberating Ourselves Locally. Founded and led by people of color, LOL! is an Oakland Maker Space and Hacker Space that works for a future where members of our community can be involved in all aspects of creating things that sustain us, such as food, clothing, energy, technology, shelter, and art.

Next Monday LOL Hackers are organizing a wiki edit-a-thon addressing anti-black racism

There’s *another* new collective hackerspace in Oakland called Omni. “We are a mega-collective that has gathered an incredible range of talent and gruff-tuff practical know-how… all under the same roof, in YOUR neighborhood.

Among our totally RAD member-collectives:
Bay Area Public School: a free schooling platform
Food Not Bombs: free meals for the world
Timeless, Infinite Light: literary small press
OMNIdance: dance collective
Counter Culture Labs: biohacking + citizen science lab
Sudo Room: general purpose hackerspace
La Commune: cafe & bookstore
… And more!

What brought all these talented folk together, you ask? They share a vision of a Commons, where people can freely share the good stuff: political empowerment, dance, music, art, knowledge, exuberance, delicious food, the fruits of civilization. www.omni-oakland.org

This lovely lady teaches sex magic workshops in San Francisco, as well as hosts Ayahuasca retreats in Peru with Indigenous healers, where she collaborates by offering psychotherapy navigation tools for altered states, to help us Americans with the specific ways we’re f’d in the head from our cultural programming ;).

Living the New Economy is a conference happening in 8 cities so far, coming to Oakland in October. 

There’s a free online summit for visionary healers, to address marketing for lightworkers, healers, and visionary business people who need a high level of authenticity and conscious communication to be in alignment with and successful on their path. It started on Monday and runs for 21 days. I’m teaching a session at it on October 3rd, about collaborative business models.  The sessions are free to download for two days after each one, too, so please tune in if this would be helpful for you. Dabney Alix, who put it together, is a rockstar – she hosts an energy healers share in Oakland, so healers can give and receive and have a place for mutual support. She’s someone who is aware on the telepathic intuitive channels but can communicate like a woman from the midwest who might watch football. I love her to pieces and back again. http://www.visionaryhealersrevolution.com/


And finally, while many people are connecting with spirituality at transformational festivals, which tend to be dominated by electronics and chemical drugs, there is a whole world of festivals that are about connecting with nature and building sustainable and socially just habitats in our urban places. Here’s an example:

Placemaking with Nature
@Laguna De Santa Rosa Wetlands Preserve

This event is part of the Sebastopol Village Building Convergence.

Join us to connect with the natural world and co-create temporary eco-art with natural materials as part of placemaking.

Nature is our ultimate and original place, as we are all part of this Earth and Universe. We are connected by countless threads with the specific part of the Earth on which we live. Join us in connecting and exploring our relationship with an important part of our natural surroundings – the Laguna.

Nature connection facilitators Maggie Fleming and Dianne Monroe will guide the group in activities and conversation that build connection with one another and the Laguna. We will then gather natural materials from the Laguna and with them, co-create a collaborative work of eco-art. Through this process we will deepen connections with each other and the Laguna, growing connections with both the human and more-than-human world. The Eco-art work will be temporary, remaining for others to enjoy as long as natural forces of rain, wind and time allow.

This project is child friendly.
At the Laguna. Look for direction sign on grape arbor at walking path entrance at south end of community center parking lot. Call Diane for more info at [xxx].”

We’re doin’ it!!

For the planet and its creatures,
Evolver Bay Area, Director, Event Producer
Evolver Network, Executive Director