(Watch Deepak Chopra talk about why he is a champion of ISHAR, and why the entire mind/body community needs to as well, in the video above.)
Currently, finding credible factual information on integral healing, research and practice online is difficult, or too confusing for many online users. Many institutions and proclaimed ‘skeptic organizations’ refuse to acknowledge or accept ongoing scientific research on integrated approaches. They disseminate negative and erroneous information about these healing methods that makes it harder for researchers, clinicians and lay people to get accurate information.
ISHAR’s intention is to curate, archive, and store the entire compendium of mind/body research – especially the advancements made in the past 10 years with Integrative Health – into one seamless and complete location for research organizations and doctors. This includes scientific and cultural knowledge. ISHAR will gather all leading perspectives on each topic covered, combined with all relevant research, and all cultural practices. Since ISHAR is a library that focuses on holistic models of mind/body health, the archive itself will be holistic, including science, culture, perspectives, and policy.
ISHAR needs $50,000 to build their first wing. If 2,500 people donate just $20, they can easily reach their goal! Support them through their Indiegogo here.
Reality Sandwich and Evolver are partners in this important initiative, and we encourage your support.
Dr. Robert Schwarz, PsyD and director of ACEP explores “just how ISHAR is a benefit to the mind/body community.”
Robert Thurman explains why he is an ISHAR champion.