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If you need to reinstall your printer driver, most likely it went something like this. You bought a new printer or for some reason need to install the printer again. You go through the installation and you get this message: “Unable to install printer. The printer processor does not exist.”

Error messages are always frustrating and this one seems to always come when you really need to print something out. It never comes when you have the time or the patience to figure out what is wrong. Therefore, here are some quick ways to fix this error message quickly and easily.

Reinstalling the Printer Driver Manually
This method will only work if you have the installation software that came with the printer. If you do not have the installation software, then you will need to skip this section and go directly to the “Reinstalling the Printer Driver Automatically” section.

  • Place the installation CD in the drive. If it tries to autorun, stop it.
  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Printer and Faxes or Printer and Other Hardware
  • Select Add a New Printer
  • Run the Hardware Wizard
  • Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

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