Do you ever wonder why your sibling, for example, never changes the towel in the bathroom, or never scrubs the floor? Or exactly the opposite, you are the one who relies on others to do the whole house cleaning for you. Well there is a very rational explanation for all of this.

After countless hours of talks with astrologists I learned a few very interesting facts about the cleaning habits of people according to their Zodiac Sign and decided to share my knowledge with you. There are certain parts of our nature that differentiate us as personalities and this is what affects our cleaning habits too.


Aries are really hard-headed and are always right. They think that God is probably an Aries. They posses that smug expression we all know and hate. But they shouldn’t be so self-centred because they usually do the wrong thing and make life decisions as though they are toddlers. Don’t you ever trust them … more often than not they say one thing and do exactly the opposite. When it comes to cleaning they don’t really like doing it, but it’s interesting that they can’t stand living in a messy room. So considering their ruling temper they deal with the mess in one of two ways: either make their spouse or child clean everything up, or hire a professional house cleaning company. Aries mostly hold managerial positions and if one has to clean a toilet he or she will gather an entire team of people to get the job done, while standing on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets.


Taurus are known for their loyalty and dedication to their work and relationship alike. They are practical, which in combination with their artistic nature will lead to some really unique DIY projects. They are also stable and trustworthy. Most of the time they take magistrate positions in court because of their generous and humane soul. Taureans take good care of their family. That is only if they dominate and impose their will. If you obey them they will treat you well. This reminds me that they strive to be God but unfortunately, as you already know, God is an Aries. Taureans have a few negatives too, like being really stubborn and prejudiced. It’s hard for them to make decisions. They need a day or two to go over everything more than once because they feel the need to make the right and most generous decision each time. Taurus are very down-to-earth and love to spend more time close to the nature. They are well organised and God help you if something is missing or is not in its right place. They like to do everything on their own which includes cleaning too. They think that nobody does your job better than you.


Gemini can be really overbearing and it’s one of their abilities to pick fights even with small children. Most Gemini are on medications which are not always legal at that. Sometimes they speak loudly in order to be heard. They often talk to themselves or even fight with themselves. Their double personality affects their cleaning habits as well. Gemini are known to be good housekeepers and cleaners. They are the ones who can rearrange the whole apartment in just a day. They are obsessed with the cleanliness of everything: the toilet, the bathtub, the tiles of the bathroom and a lot more. They love gardening and other type of lonely activities. They are self-centered people and prefer spending time on their own instead of being in crowded places. Gemini usually clean a lot but there are days in which they don’t feel like doing anything at all; they just want to lay in their beds and watch television.


Cancer care about family and home, this is their first priority. They would do anything to keep the harmony and the peace there. Taking care of the family needs makes them feel truly happy. Cancer are the ones who get up at five in the morning to prepare breakfast for the whole family. They give shelter to street animals, love their pets and provide them with the appropriate care as if they were their own children. Another habit of theirs is keeping the peace at home by cleaning the house every weekend from top to bottom. They are the perfect housekeepers and the perfect housewives. Cancer-born provide comfort to their loved ones. They would never let their children go to school without lunch or with unironed clothes. They are proud of their kids and teach them moral values, good manners and loyalty. Another specific fact about Cancerians is that they avoid conflicts and are quick to help others with anything. They are known for their persistence and their determination. They are not very ambitious though, their main goal is to have a loving family and peaceful home.


Leo are born to be leaders. They are the most extrovert of all the Zodiac Signs and are a little bit loud sometimes because they seek attention. They are known for their strength, bravery and self-motivation. Sooner or later they achieve all goals they might have set for themselves. The bad experience doesn’t discourage Leo, quite the opposite, this even makes them strive towards their goals more eagerly. They possess an extremely creative nature. This, combined with their ambitious and self-controlled character results in them becoming really good designers and architects. They may rearrange their home every single week but when it comes to cleaning after they will pass. Leo live in really messy houses but that doesn’t bother them at all if there is someone to clean up after them. They usually hire a personal house cleaner to make all the cleaning, washing, or whatever else pops up in your head. Leo is the ”King of the Jungle” and as you probably know, cleaning is not something a king should do on his own.


Virgos are methodical, smart, critical, exacting and humane. When communicating with others they always give their true opinion in detail but it’s always for the good of others. They do equally well in any walk of life and are really flexible. Virgo-born is a cleaning maniac. He or she cleans everything twice a day, colour-cordinates the clothes in the closet, separates the laundry by colour and fabric and cleans the joints between the tiles with a toothbrush. Virgos don’t see the world in shades of black and white but in clean and dirty. According to them everything has its place and theirs is on the floor, scrubbing and double checking for stains. You can easily freak a Virgo out by telling them that there is something between their teeth. Then sit back and try not falling down while watch them frantically scrub the imaginary thing off.


Libras are born to be team players. They prefer to sort their tasks out and do them according to a meticulous plan. Libras always make sure that the work is done on time and properly. Most of the time they count on their better halves to work with them. Libras are straight-forward and never have ulterior motives. Believing in justice they try to avoid any kind of conflict. Libras dress up fashionably and believe me, Hollywood is full of them. The brand of the wear means the world to them. It’s almost certain you’ll never see a Libra in thrift stores. They have a lot of friends but none of them true. Libras love to talk about their own problems but are not good listeners. With only a few exceptions Libras are the ones who truly hate to clean. Bad cleaning habits form during their childhood years. But whatever technique a parent tries they will never make a Libra clean an entire room in a just a day. Libras will start with rearranging their belongings. Then they will pretend to be tired and smashed, promising to continue with the cleaning the next day. Libras can keep on telling you that until you completely forget about their cleaning task.


Scorpio are good with computer technology. They work really hard all their life just to make their retirement more comfortable and enjoyable. They are loving partners but you must be careful not to offend them because they could be really revengeful. Scorpios are secretive which makes them more interesting to others. Scorpios are a nervous type of people and do their work really quickly and always on time. That is also true for their cleaning habits. They like everything to be in place and don’t waist a lot of time thinking about how or why to clean something; they just do it. Scorpios are really fast cleaners and what’s more, they clean everything almost perfectly.


Sagittarius are extroverted people. They are communicative, open-minded, outgoing and eager to learn new things all the time. They want to know the truth and seek answers to all the existential questions they might have in mind. They are interested in history, psychology and religion. Sagittarius are full of energy and often take up a lot of extra activities. Cleaning is not a big deal for them. They don’t mind cleaning while listening to their favourite type of music. Sagittarius sing and dance while cleaning.


Capricorns believe that if you want to achieve something in life you need to be hard-working and persistent. They put all their efforts and wait patiently till they accomplish what they want in life. Capricorns are realistic and practical in their way to reach their goals. Capricorn-born do everything step by step just to be sure that it is properly planned. Capricorns are wise and responsible. They are hard to be in a relationship with but when it happens, they will be fateful to death. Capricorn-born are just as methodical and persistent in their cleaning habits as in everything else they do. They can’t just vacuum clean the carpet, everything has to be done step by step in the usual order.


Aquarius are really down-to-earth and strive to make the world a better place by solving global problems. They are kind, helpful and have loads of friends. They always try to help the underprivileged people. Aquarius-born are good partners and are also loyal, faithful and committed to their better halves. But they are not possessive in any way. Aquarius give their mate a space to breathe and consider them as equals. As far as cleaning is concerned, they do it for fun. When Aquarius-born feel bored they just decide to renovate their room or change the carpeting for example. They don’t have much to clean anyway because when they take something they return it to the place it belongs. They don’t collect loads of dirty laundry on the floor or leave things around. They are just practical in their cleaning habits.


Pisces are the happiest people of all and are truly selfless too. They help others without expecting anything in return, seeking inner peace and soul harmony. Pisces possess really calm and well-balanced personalities. In love, they make a lot of compromises and place the needs of their mates before their own. They are charitable and care about the poor and the sick. Pisces-born are extremely loyal, loving and faithful to their life partner. They would make any sacrifice for their better halves and will support them in every aspect. They treat their mates with respect and good care. Compared to all other Zodiac Signs, Pisces are the most kind and tolerant ones. This goes for their housework as well. Children of this Zodiac Sign are the ones who help their mothers the most with the cleaning of the house. They would clean the windows, vacuum clean the carpet or even scrub the floor if asked. As adults Pisces do their cleaning chores with the same enthusiasm and motivation.