Traditional furniture was created from hardwood trees that were strong and yielded excellent quality wood. By simply molding those into designs that suited our taste, these trees were able to serve us for long, without any issues whatsoever.

The current furniture trends see a number of mixed wood furniture, which is created using different polymers and similar additives to wood. Although, these are advertised as good, experience will show you that these do not compare with the quality of traditional woodwork. With little scientific evidence as to how durable these woods actually are, you may be compromising on quality when you pay for a cheaper piece of furniture. Let us look at the different types of solid hardwood and their benefits in comparison to these newer versions of manmade wood.

Why is hardwood the best?

Different types of other materials like plastic, softwoods such as pine and veneers are all used in furniture today. Although, they may cost less, there is an added disadvantage to it as well. These do not last as long as proper hardwood furniture does. In fact, choosing them would mean that you would have to replace it over time and spend twice the amount you would have had to originally.

Hardwood is typically created from three different trees. These are oak, mahogany and mango. All three of these woods are naturally very beautiful and stands out due to its exquisite beauty and good quality.

Hardwood is resistant to damage

Cheap furniture may look attractive initially, but it quickly is affected by the action of natural elements. These are affected by humidity and do not resist scratches as well as hardwood do. It is easy to find these pieces getting damaged. On the other hand, should your hardwood furniture get a scratch, simply polishing it will cause the scratch to disappear. Cheap furniture also chips and cracks easily. Don’t be surprised if you find your cheap furniture broken into pieces in no time and losing the entire charm that characterized it when you paid for it.

Solid hardwood can be yielded to form any design and with the robustness comes quality that will last you ages. Good oak furniture is often an heirloom that is passed down generations, and still stands the test of time. Since, hardwood is resistant to damages in whatsoever ways; they are an excellent choice of furniture pieces for home, office and even your gardens. 

Gardens – Style statements of natural importance

Gardens, the nearest resemblance to nature’s beauty have cast a magical spell penetrating their freshness into the mundane lives of individuals. Holding the promise of a lively household and pleasing to the eye, gardens are a best option to unwind and relax being amidst nature in all its finery. A well planned garden with shrubs, flowering plants and properly spaced trees alongside the right kinds of furniture pieces will give a household the much needed aesthetic appeal. The exteriors put to maximum use by these creations will lead to positive vibes enveloping the entire household, in more ways than one.

Whether it is for your home or office, opting for the right furniture that is long lasting is extremely important. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while buying the furniture.

What should I buy?

Buying furniture is an important and expensive investment. Cashing in on it for a temporary profit may not be the best way to go. If you were to invest in a solid piece of good furniture in the beginning, you can be sure that you have done the right thing. The ability of the furniture to survive years of work will prove this to you.

Whether it is a cabinet, a table or a wardrobe, the initial look of a veneer or cheap softwood furniture will fade. There is little you can do to restore it to its originality when this happens. Even worse is the fact that there is no guarantee as to how long it will actually last.

On the other hand, with a solid hardwood piece, you can be certain that your piece will last your lifespan and perhaps even longer. Check out the Oakfurnitureland review to grab more idea and information.