Interview with Jamaica Stevens by Taylor of Tribal Convergence Network

Jamaica Stevens is the Founder of “Re-inhabiting the Village,” a community resource hub, a book in the making, and tool for the contemporary social change catalyst and global villager. I have been following Re-Inhabiting the Village for the last of months and watching it evolve has been a privilege. I caught up with Jamaica recently and asked her some questions about how to get involved with the project, and what to expect from it.

Hey Jamaica, How’ve you been? I know you are a very busy bee right now, and I want to thank you for cross-pollinating all of these projects in the global transformational community.

Thanks Taylor!
I am full indeed. It feels like a powerful time of potential, and it asks for full engagement along with a deep willingness to do the personal work to stay strong and flexible in these times of change. I do my best, and yet I am always growing, learning, always a student.

When did the Re-Inhabiting the Village project begin, and what inspired you to take this on?

The idea for this project first came in March of 2014, from the consultancy work I was doing with projects and festivals who were shifting their approach to fortify healthy team relationships and whole systems thinking organizational practices. As I was working with groups I was creating pdf’s full of information to guide our process. As I worked with several groups, I also began to access the wealth of documents, pdf’s, manuals, etc. that other groups were using to approach similar ideas. And through my work establishing the Tribal Convergence Network, I have been honored to learn of so many amazing people who were developing resources and working to create solutions in their particular field. This all lead me to be inspired to bring together these documents, these collaborators, these projects to share with a wider audience what I was seeing emerge. To tell a collective story of people doing what they can with where they are to create change in their lives.

What exactly can we expect from Re-inhabiting The Village? What can we touch, read, learn from, and share?

“Re Inhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future” is a multi-media platform. The Book is filled with heartfelt and practical stories of the ingredients necessary for building healthy communities and a healthy planet. Accompanied with a rich graphic component filled with visionary art and inspiring photography, this article format book features the voices of our contributing authors who share their wisdom and expertise.
The workbook component has worksheets, useable template documents, practical tips and checklists, and other tools for building strong projects, events, and organizations.
The online resource directory is a data base and informative tools that will have filtered categories based on a cross sector of interests from permaculture, urban gardening, holistic education, alternative energy, art, relations and facilitation, governance models, living economics and more! This directory will feature projects and organizations who are working to share innovative and inspiring approaches to these subjects.

What is going on right now with this project? What stage is it in?

We are in the final two weeks of our kickstarter and actively calling for people to get involved and support. Check out our link at
Concurrently our Editorial team is in our submission phase contracting and receiving the work of our contributing authors and also in the design of the overall graphic layout and visual art curation with our Graphics Team. We are also in working with our web developer to look at the layout for the resource directory and gathering up resources to feature.
If people have resources they want to feature, they can contribute as well! Go to our website at and share thier aligned project or organization.

What is the timeline for completion? When can we start learning how to Re-inhabit the Village? 

Well, the project will launch in May of 2015, yet we are ALWAYS learning how to ReInhabit the Village. This is not a new way of living and not a new idea. To live interconnected, simple and healthy, creatively and in right relationships with eachother actively stewarding our shared home is the original way humanity flourished. The Village is an expression of compassion, of caring for eachother’s wellbeing. Of devotion to our future generations and honor of those who have gone before us. The Village is knowing we are safe and our needs are cared for and we belong to a people and a place that we are bonded to, woven with. It is humbling to admit, we NEED each other, but now more than ever we have to see that this is a global truth. We all have gifts and we all have challenges and it is only by sharing our gifts,supporting our growth, and finding a way together through these challenges that we are all lifted up as vital and strong people committed to a thriving and abundant planet for all.

How can people reading this interview contribute or help?

Join us on this journey and help us reach our Kickstarter goal on Dec. 13th!

1. Visit:
2. Become a Backer
3. Share the Project with your friends and networks and ask them to become backers!
4. Like the Facebook ReInhabiting the Village Community Page

You can also contribute to our Resource Directory by filling out the form on our temporary landing page.

Thank you so much for your work, and I want to mention how excited I am about the revolutionary resourcery soon to be traversing the globe.

Thank you so much for supporting this project! I am so grateful for all of the involvement and community excitement. It really does take a Village to Raise of Village!


Created by Jamaica ‘Jai Ma’ Stevens, “ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future” is a multi-media community resource project co-created by an alliance of visionary partners sharing their knowledge and experience. Derived from holistic living principles, this project offers an inspiring roadmap and blueprint for building a legacy for the future through the shared development of social technology tools, innovative templates, models, resources and information that are useful to communities everywhere.

The project is centered on the creation of the book, which will feature over 40 selected contributors of diverse backgrounds such as Artists, Economists, Permaculture Experts, Facilitators, Educators, Visionaries, Natural Builders, Event Producers, Healers, Indigenous Elders and Thought Leaders, Ecologists, Technology Developers and Community Organizers. Covering themes in their respective field of expertise, contributor topics will include Building Regional Resilience, Community Land Stewardship/EcoVillages, Holistic Event Production, and Whole Systems Project Management and Governance Models, to name a few. Through creating and sharing these innovative social tools, the goal is to inspire a new way to live and create while answering the questions of “What comes after Transformational Festivals?” and “How can the principles from these festivals be of service to society?”

To gather resources for this multi-layered project, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help raise $30,300 from supporters. The campaign has various prizes set up as incentive to contribute to the project, such as name inclusion in the book’s donor page, guest list placement to one of three Community Boost Party events, the book itself, artisan goods from campaign allies ThirdEye Pinecones, consultation and facilitation services from Jamaica Stevens and other “ReInhabiting the Village” team members, package bundles, and various Producer credits. “ReInhabiting the Village” will launch this multi-phased project with the publishing of a printed book, eBook, and companion workbook in spring 2015, followed by an interactive website with a holistically integrated resource directory and a suite of collaborative tools.

The Kickstarter campaign has garnered nearly 200 supporters and over $11,000 in pledges. There are less than two weeks left on the campaign ending on December 13th. The project is being managed by Creator and Author Jamaica ‘Jai Ma’ Stevens, the Creator of Tribal Convergence Gatherings, Executive Producer of Awaken Visionary Leadership Summit, and Co-Founder of Tribal Convergence Network.

Support the Kickstarter campaign here:


For questions and/or sponsorship opportunities, please email