Nature is life! Studies have shown that plants bring positive emotions and feelings of joy and satisfaction. So it’s not at all surprising that bringing a single flower in a gloomy room or in a bleak workspace makes a big difference, brightening it and totally changing the energy flow of the whole place.

Now imagine how it would feel if instead of bringing a single flower inside you transformed your whole home by redecorating and bringing more nature inside. This is an exceptionally good idea if you live in an apartment for instance and don’t have access to green spaces.

conservatory filled with housepnalts

But green indoor spaces and other nature-inspired elements inside serve other purposes as well. Thus for one, some plants act as natural filters, cleansing the air in your home, and keep warmth inside during winter and cool during summer. Water features on the other hand give your home a fancier vibe and are not only beautiful to look at, but are also calming and relaxing. So why not freshen up you home and invite Mother Nature indoors?

moss bath mat

Let’s begin with something smaller, like moss bath mat for example. It’s a great addition to your bathroom, it’s easy to make and the moss doesn’t require great care because it lives off the humidity and the moisture in your bathroom. Besides, the sense of the soft green mat under your feet is simply incredible and if you close your eyes for a moment you might actually get the sense that you’re in a cool, serene forest.

desk in a sand box

Sitting in front of the computer all day might be quite dull so those of you who are working from home might try something different in order to break out of the monotonous routine. A creative and bold move is to make your personal beach under your desk. I’m not talking about something big, just a few square metres of sand. Burying your bare feet in the sand will definitely make you feel more relaxed, as if you’re on holiday. That state of peace and tranquility will tone up your creative side and let your ideas flow. The only downside is that all the sand around the house will make cleaning the house impossible.

Letting the sun inside is also a good way to boost your creative side and brighten your mood as well … pun intended. To get the most out of the sunlight, choose the biggest window in you home and turn it into a reading corner. Having a nice view also won’t hurt. To make the place you’ve chosen as cosy as possible get a comfortable armchair or even a smaller sofa, and place it so it faces the window. That way you’ll feel as though you’re enjoying a sunny, warm day outside. You can step up your game even further and hang a hammock if you have the right spot. It’s simple, functional and relaxing.

Moving to the bigger projects now.

big living room aquarium

In the recent years aquariums have become something a lot of people see as part of their dream home but not anyone can spend so much money on a fish tank, since it can be quite on the expensive side. But if you have the funds you should definitely consider putting one. You won’t regret it if you decide to take that step because putting an aquarium in your living room will make it the centrepiece of your home and respectively, bring a lot of beauty and joy to your entire home.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to take care of fish or you just don’t like aquariums, you could always opt for an indoor water feature. Building one in your home really helps you relax and takes your mind off of your hectic everyday life. Moreover, there is an incredible diversity of all kinds of shapes and sizes, so fitting a water feature in your home won’t be of any problem whatsoever.