Open Ancient Eyes was released on Merkaba Music on September 23rd, 2014, and it’s an ancient journey into the known illumination of the world’s mind’s eye. It’s a human discovery of universal connectedness through tribal, psychedelic, and bass sonic explorations. Kalya Scintilla brings back an awareness of shamanic frequencies through a sacred sonic experience that will open up channels of thoughts and feels – an escape into a forth moving atmosphere. Spiritual alignments, clairvoyance, and healing energy will enter your temple and each chakra within it; it’s a step into a mystic journey that will transcend the shadows and guide your journey on Earth through clear intuition and the wisdom we all obtain.

This sonic journey consists of 16 auditory uplifts – “Evocation” (with Eve Olution), “Yatram”, “The Calling”, “Enter the Temple”, “Condo and Eagle”, “TribeOriginal” (feat. Deya Dova), “Eastern Opulence”, “Ver La Luz” (Digital Only), “Scintillating Sands”, “Light of the North”, “Kamakshi Devi” (feat. Avari), “Osiris”, “The Rise of Horus”, “Return to the Universal Mother” (with Eve Olution), “The Epilogue” (with Eve Olution), and “Open Ancient Eyes” (Album Mix Journey). “Evocation” is a profound intro of nature calls in downtempo setting of woodwind instrumentals and Eve Olution’s literary truth – “Infant of infinity. Awaken, rise anew, the golden dawn rises with you, the time is now, awaken, transform through breath – let yourself feel the eternal rhythm – the rhythm of the cosmos, the rhythm inside your heart…. There, there you will find the truth awaiting you, in the silence, you will find the key to remember who you are and open ancient eyes.” This tracks sets forth the theme for the rest of the album to follow and see knowledge found within you. “Yatram” slowing enters the ear pineals through ancestor vocals by Eve Olution & Kalya Scintilla. It’s a touch of auditory guidance of gypsy glitch-hop frequencies into your tribal roots – an ancient salsa and tribal bass get down full of clicks, breaks, and triggered rhythms. “The Calling” is otherworldly ancient temples of luminous rhythms and deep bass lines. A story unfolds before us as we hear Eve Olution’s messages –”breathe, breathe, you are.” Bass growls and high-pitch elements blend well together creating a mysterious vibe full of sonic depth. “Enter the Temple” is an initial mystic chant of bells through known tales. A slow rhythmic and upbeat vibe is present, creating a powerful meaning behind his sound creation made up of organic/tribal roots and psychedelic realms. “Condor and Eagle” is nature calls through body flow and habitat. Flute instrumentation is lively as you hear xylophonic key strikes blending melodically together. Deep bass feels groove consistently throughout the track creating a sense of comfort. Vocal incorporations dispersed throughout this journey consist of Grandmother Prayer Taino Language: Aleli Estrada Jolicoeur and Ancestor female vocals: Eve Olution & Kalya Scintilla.

“TribeOriginal” is initially triggered by Deya Dova’s angelic drones and chants meshed in with moving bass instrumentation and drum beats full of depth, and originality. 432hz soundscapes full of brilliant sound design in varying ways, an entanglement of truth told through the heart chakra. “Eastern Opulence” is a voyage of an eternal calling, an alignment being discovered through chants, melodies, gongs, bass, and forth-moving layers and structures of sound composition. Stories within stories are unraveled in just this one journey, creatings twists of authentic intentions. “Ver La Luz” is a colorful exploration into an array of technicolor treasures of endless fractals of auditory passages by Eve Olution. The Spanish title of the song translates into “See the Light” in English language. Like the title, the introduction of the track displays a salsa feel made up of varying instrumentations such as the trumpet, piano, drums, and more. As the track follows through, twists, blends, and uplifts of glitch and bass keep the momentum flowing strong. “Scintillating Sands” is an ethereal sonic blast into a different presence, far beyond here. Dubsteps feels with organic wood instrumentation of the violin/viola by Jaskaran makes for a perfect swerve of mystery and elegance. Extraterrestrial and robotic sound elements makes up for a rare occasion of bass spine chills.

“Light of the North” is a bass voyage of profound sonic elements. An intriguing introduction soothes in as you hear extensions of melodic keys playing as violin composition sets in. Electronic drum patterns and glitch whomps flow methodically together – a tribute to a ritual. “Kamakshi Devi” is initially started by a chant performed by Avari, as a softening flow of a mixture of elements brings forth a lucid and grimey vibe. “Osiris” is a fusion of feels of the latter in a way that a slow entrance seaminglessly picks up with organic beat patterns of an enigma waiting to be unfolded. A deep bass atmosphere is present which also creates eerie soundscapes. “The Rise of Horus” is a mystic realm of archaic elements – golden bells, flutes, and tribal beats of 432hz make for a fresh outlook. “Return to the Universal Mother (w/ Eve Olution)” is like a pouring rainfall in a rainforest. Water sound effects expose a clearing of some sort filled with open note drones of captivating oscillation. Extended crescendos make for a lasting healing and meditative state. Deep in the center of your heart, the spirals of light will open. Eve Olution then speaks eternal truth: “Breathe in, all that is you, bring back all that was, all that is, all that thought to be forgotten. You are on the shores of waking consciousness, evoke the knowing, evoke and embody the truth of every single cell of life that you are… There is only love, and love is enough, deep in the center of your heart, you will find a truth awaiting you. In the silence, you will find the key to remember who you are and open ancient eyes.” “The Epilogue” tells a literary story by Eve Olution about nature, life, and progression of the temple doors.

“Open Ancient Eyes” is a conscious voice of storytelling, it’s a sonic journey into the knowing, a spiritual guide into our present-day state. Spreading through the cosmos, and gliding across multiple dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla is back with his shamanic and healing creations of sounds stemming from his core, his soul, his entity. He’s like Wisdom’s sonic messenger to remind us to focus on the known, the clear, as opposed to the unknown and darkness. A part of our collective awakening, Kalya Scintilla, Eve Olution, and more artists reveal a story of truth, a story about us and finding the golden key inside of us. Be sure to check out this full album- a gateway into a sonic explorations through deep electronic glitch hop and organic frequencies.

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Review written by Sofia Raisanen for Keyframe-Entertainment