Camping with a tent gives an enormous feeling of freedom, you can your tent, after all, always abort if the place you do not like and build somewhere else. Nevertheless, there are risks that you should consider. For example, bad weather and the safety of your equipment.


In and around the tent you can hurt ugly to excellent pegs and person lines. Therefore, lettuce pegs as far as the ground. You can also color copies and special caps purchase. Tensioning ropes not too far off. There are also colored ropes and LED lighting on the market that make the lines more visible in the dark.


Fire Prevention

Tents are made of flammable material and although some specimens have a flame retardant layer, close that fire out. Therefore, some safety tips:

Turn the cooker down stable and preferably as far as possible from the tent.

Use when cooking a splashguard between stove and tent.

Stay during cooking near the stove.

Never heat the inner tent and the sleeping cabin.

Use in a tent no candles.

Hang gas, petroleum or gasoline lamps too close to the canvas. Put them either on a stand-alone table in the tent.

Let aerosol propellants in an enclosed tent lie. When the sun on the canvas state, the temperature inside can easily rise above 50 ºC.


Electricity in the tent

Most of the tent camper use a converter (230 volts to 12 volts) in order toconnect to electrical devices. However, you can also use in the tent except 230V. It is also possible to use the car battery. Either via the cigarette lighter or directly with “alligator clips” on the battery itself. There are also special reels that fit the 12-pin connector next to the tow bar of the car.

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Safety Tips:

Buy if you want to use 230 volts a special tent – or folding unit with RCD (from € 80). This checks for leakage current, and if so, it will switch off the power.

When using electricity (230 and 12 volts) for proper wiring, connectors and fuses. This prevents short circuits.