Nobody saw it coming. When I say nobody, we really mean it. In fact, no one knows how ghost buttons attain so much popularity within this short span of time. Not sure what a Ghost Button is? Well, Ghost Buttons are those tiny little, transparent and clickable items that you see everywhere. Of course, they are Call to Action buttons. But they have their own set of unique features that set them apart from the rest of the other Call to Action buttons. They have some other prominent characteristics like simple outline, no fill, flat shapes etc.


If we go into some details, we will observe the following things about Ghost Buttons –

  • Ghost buttons are usually found on the flat or minimalist design. And there is a reason why ghost buttons are predominantly used on flat websites because if they used on traditional design with loads of graphics on them, nobody would have noticed them. Visitors develop a blind spot when they have to deal with too many different designing elements on a single page.
  • Ghost Buttons are immensely popular among photographers. The reason is – most photographers these days use a full screen image on the home page and when you are covering the entire screen with a large image, you have no option left other than using Ghost Button. Ghost buttons are unobtrusive in nature and therefore, they don’t interfere with the background image. Probably this is the reason why majority of photographers love Ghost buttons so much.
  • The buttons are mostly hollow. The button is actually surrounded by the outline and the outline is probably one or two pixels thick.
  • Designers mostly use simple texts against ghost buttons. Decorative texts against Ghost Buttons is very rare, and personally, we don’t think they look better on ghost buttons at all.
  • Not many people experiment with the text color of the Ghost button. Designers generally use black or white depending on the background image.
  • The size of the button is mostly a bit large compared to other forms of buttons that you mostly see on the web. And the buttons are placed in prominent areas of the page so that people can easily locate them and take action.
  • Sometimes, designers use different geometrical shapes inside the Ghost Button just to make them look good. However, not many designers follow this trend though. You will find most designers are happy with the idea of keeping the Ghost Button simple and straightforward.


The Benefits of Using Ghost Buttons

As we have mentioned earlier that Ghost buttons are quite popular among designers and that means, they certainly offer some kind of benefits-

  • If you are concerned about the page loading time of your website, you should be using Ghost Buttons as they very light. The file size of the ghost button is very less if not insignificant.
  • These buttons look aesthetically pleasing. Since they are attractive and cool, people can notice them easily. So, from the perspective of conversion, you need to use Ghost button on your website.
  • As Ghost Buttons are unobtrusive in nature, you can use them with any color scheme or design style you want. They don’t block any other designing elements. They are clean and quite useful for both designers and users.