Puke Bucket: a Comedian’s Ayahuasca Adventure is a comical personal confession about a young New Yorker’s experience taking a powerful psychedelic beverage over a week’s time in the Amazon jungle. 

Jonesy is an actor/comedian in New York City. His tv credits include Gotham, Letterman Show and Nurse Jackie. His solo show Puke Bucket was a standout at the NYC SoloCom festival in 2014. 
December 18th, 9pm
Tree House Theater
154 West 29th street, NYC
Run time: 50 minutes
Admission: $10.00

We asked Jonesy a few questions about how the sacred vine found its way into his comedy act.
What made you want to create this show, Puke Bucket?
I created the show because I think it’s important to share experiences like this with others. If you don’t, you might go crazy. Being that I have so much experience doing live comedy, for me, there really isn’t any other way to do this. I knew it would have to be live. So sharing is cathartic of course, but the other reason is that I feel it’s important to spread the Ayahuasca meme into the public arena. People should know what it is and that it is an available tool for self exploration.
Whatever made you think that ayahuasca was funny?
Well, I’ve been a standup comedian for over ten years and I suffer from what I call the “comedian brain”, which is that I think EVERYTHING is funny, or anything can be made into a joke. But generally speaking, most of my pieces come out of personal grievances or pain. And many people that have had an Ayahuasca experience can tell you that you often don’t go through it without some amount of pain (in general).

What was the most amazing vision you had during your ayahuasca journey?

Without giving away anything that is central to my one man show, I’ll simply say that I was confronted by an English speaking serpent that was intent on making me as humble as possible.

Did your aya experience make you think of any great comedians? Which ones?
Not really. I’ve never known a comedian to talk about it at a comedy show. And I never thought this was material that could be done in a typical “standup” setting. It’s very complicated and in a standup comedy routine there isn’t enough time to convey all the information needed to understand that experience, in my opinion.  Ayahuasca isn’t a mainstream activity yet and so many audience members wouldn’t be able to follow without an explanation as to what it even IS and there’s just not enough time for that if I’m only on stage for 7 or 10 minutes. This is why I chose to do it in the format of a one man show. It’s a complex experience and I need a lengthy format to convey it properly.

Would you recommend ayahuasca to a friend?
Yes of course. And I have, certainly. These plant medicines have healing properties that one can’t obtain through traditional western methods like psychotherapy or by prescription at your local pharmacy.  I’ve recommended specifically to comedians because great comedy comes from personal insight and these hallucinogens can take one to the depths of amazing self analyzation.
Watch Jonesy dish out some hilarious truths on the reality of pot legalization. Live from Queens, 2014.