Mitch Schultz and the team at Spectral Alchemy, (the fine folks that brought you “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”), have a new project in the works that defies traditional definition.  Take a look at the summary from their Indie GoGo Campaign Page:

MYTHAPHI is four-part narrative framework, expansive online experience, and evolutionary media platform that collects and curates concepts from the leading edge of human experience, bringing visionaries together from around the world to hack culture and reality; explore human potential; and inspire positive change.

ALL the media produced for The Spirit Molecule, AND the ENTIRE Spectral Alchemy media archive, will be fully available to stream or download for the MYTHAPHI community. Through an open source and transmedia approach to the storytelling process, we can co-create the first-ever integrated media studio for the global community.

MYTHAPHI seeks to actively engage the world so that we may collectively rediscover who we are, and re-imagine who we might become. Join us to redefine culture, reframe mythology, and redirect our purpose as a species.

For all the info related to MYTHAPHI, and to help support the campaign check out these links:

Indie GoGo Page




DMT: The Spirit Molecule Trailer